Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire (Complete History Channel Series DVD Boxset) £14.49 @ Blah

Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire (Complete History Channel Series DVD Boxset) £14.49 @ Blah

Found 23rd Mar 2010
Excellent HC TV series

Relive the fall of one of history's greatest civilizations. Filled with dramatic re-enactments and action-packed battle scenes, Rome: Rise and Fall of An Empire chronicles the dramatic story of one of history's greatest Empires, from its first major battle to its remarkable military feats and through to its eventual fall. Told from the point of view of the Roman people under violent attack, HISTORY takes viewers inside the fiery battles of a civilization crumbling in the face of brutal invasions. Vivid re-creations offer a first-hand look at the chaotic state of an empire in flames, while compelling characters on both sides fight for victory. Teeming streets, horseback battles, warring armies, and gladiatorial contests co-exist with magnificent tales of Roman debauchery and excess. From the producers of Barbarians, the devastating destruction of the Roman Empire is vividly brought to life. The series is action-driven, with large-scale re-enacted stories, full-blown battles, killer stunts, fire, destruction, and deeply compelling characters. DVDs about the Roman Empire are perennial best-sellers as demonstrated by Julius Caesar's Rome and the HBO series Rome.

If its information on ancient Rome you are looking for, this is the series for you. Made in thirteen parts; on four DVD discs, each in it's own slimline plastic cover; this 640min series is absolutely packed with historical information presented in an entertaining manner. The format is the standard historical re-enactments, fleshed out with numerous maps and expert comment, but the factual content is very high indeed, and the commentary by Leif Anders runs like a particularly interesting storytale. Beginning with Marius and the Cimbri invasion in 113BC, this series covers the major events in the long history of Rome through to the final destruction of the Western Empire in 476AD as shown in the episodes listed below:-
1.The First Barbarian War.
3.Julius Caesar.
4.The Forest of Death.
5.The Invasion of Britain.
6.The Dacian Wars.
7.Rebellion and Betrayal.
8.Wrath of the Gods.
9.The Soldiers' Emperor.
10.Constantine The Great.
11.The Barbarian General.
12.The Puppet Master.
13.The Last Emperor.
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