Rome Series 1 DVD for £17.99 @ HMV (next cheapest £24.98) + 7% quidco!
Rome Series 1 DVD for £17.99 @ HMV (next cheapest £24.98) + 7% quidco!

Rome Series 1 DVD for £17.99 @ HMV (next cheapest £24.98) + 7% quidco!

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Rome Series 1 DVD for £17.99 at HMV
Next cheapest price seems to be £24.98 at Amazon
Fantastic series by HBO, would make a great xmas present for dads!
Don't forget 7% quidco and if your lucky 10% student discount.


Fantastic show, I was gutted they only made 2 seasons of this.

Great series, there reshowing season 2 atm on discovery knowledge, i shall wait for the box set of the 2 to come down in price though.

Just to chime in and say that I think this may be the best TV series ever made. I know we live in an age prone to hyperbole, but this show is nearly perfect.

The acting, the writing, the colours and cinematography; every scene is so perfect that you wouldn't change a thing. It's endlessly rewatchable, and you notice new things more each time, and appreciate the nuances, the subtle inflections, more with each repeat viewing.

I didn't even expect to be interested in this show when I first heard about it. Just a couple of episodes had me utterly hooked.

Amazingly the BBC neutered this show for TV, by cutting three whole episodes down to two, essentially ruining it for millions of people - so the box set is the way to go.

Two thumbs up, which is sincerely the most I can give.

Oh yes. Another fantastic HBO / BBC collaboration along with their Band of Brothers.

HBO rocks!
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