Romeo and Juliet - Penguin Popular Classics £1.80 @ Waterstones

Romeo and Juliet - Penguin Popular Classics £1.80 @ Waterstones

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Format: Paperback 160 pages

Date of publication: 30/06/1994

Publisher: Penguin Classics

ISBN: 9780140620931

A young man and woman meet by chance and fall instantly in love. But their families are bitter enemies, and in order to be together the two lovers must be prepared to risk everything. Set in a city torn apart by feuds and gang warfare, "Romeo and Juliet" is a dazzling combination of passion and hatred, bawdy comedy and high tragedy.


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Spoiler warning:

They die in the end.


Nice deal, might get it, i hope they have some other books the same price

What a refreshing change

These books used to be £1 and had a full colour cover. A few years ago they changed the cover to card with single colour design and put up the price to £5 or something for some titles.

Could never read this again after dissecting it to death in English at school.

Same goes for many other classics.


Spoiler warning:They die in the end.

You rotten b****rd! :x

Now I ain't gonna buy it. Anyway, can't stop as my missus wants me to watch some old film called West Side Story.

theses are all 2 quid in waterstones and are on a seperate cardboard type display, all the ones I looked at were £2 anyway with a bright greem cover, all the same. good buy if you want to be well read!

Are these the editions with the really ****** covers and thin pages. I would go for the wordsworth edition instead:…139

Shakespear was a phoney, I studied his plays at school and all he did was steal the plots from major hollywood movies and then write them down so they sound like its read by an artard (thou, thee, forsooth, etc) why can't he just talk normal?

I'd take a Jerry Bruckheimer flick, over this tosh anyday of the week.

Shakespeare is my hero and to be honest Keeyop, he did steal quite alot of his works...but not from movies LOL, he was clever enough to re-work things enough that they became his own. In that day and age is was a huge feat for a man of his background to become a queens player and kings man....he was an artistic, and very clever man. Definately worth a read, although I would recommend 'As You Like It' , much more entertaining

'All The World's A stage,and the men and women merely players;'
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