Romper Stomper £2.99 @ play.com Delivered
Romper Stomper £2.99 @ play.com Delivered

Romper Stomper £2.99 @ play.com Delivered

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You've never seen anything like it. What a film.......classic

An utterly engrossing story of rampaging neo-Nazi skinheads that may well be one of the most disturbing films. It's intoxicating violence and willingness to suspend moral judgement on its hypnotic characters make the film complex.

Emotionally powerful and never afraid to portray the ugly, destructive face of ignorance and prejudice, 'Romper Stomper' excites, disturbs, and boldly challenges the viewer.

Winner of 3 Australian Institute Awards, including Best Actor (Russell Crowe), film critics have hailed Romper Stomper as one of the most brilliant, provocative and truly exciting motion pictures to appear on the screen.


rubbish movie..why would anyone buy this :?



rubbish movie..why would anyone buy this :?

Each to their own..........................

Great film decent price :thumbsup:


rubbish movie..why would anyone buy this :?

Because its a superb, (thinking, beleive it or not!), movie, at a great price, thanks.

Really liked this film when I saw it in the 90's not seen it since may well give this a whirl. Cheers OP

Good price - But don't let the kids watch it!!

Obscene amount of violence and a very scarey thought this kind of thing actually happens! :-(

Not expired, I just ordered it! Cheers op.......another xmas pressie in the bag ;-)

Great film...... well worth the money and the violence aside does contain a love story which should keep the Mrs happy (prob not)

Great film that hits hard sometimes . Great price too :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Why have people expired this? Good film, nothing more:thinking:

Great film, great deal :thumbsup:

Dunno if they still stock it (random selection depending on store) but Wilkinsons had this a few wreks back for the same price. It was the double disk special edition with one of those carboard sleeves over the DVD case. I bought it to replace my old one disk ex-rental version :-D

EDIT: Some fool has expired this, even though it appears to be still in stock!?

Good film, have some heat :thumbsup:

Great film, good price. I'll stick to the R1 2 disc SE though.
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