Ronin DVD £3.99 (5% Quidco) [email protected]
Ronin DVD £3.99  (5% Quidco) delivered@HMV

Ronin DVD £3.99 (5% Quidco) [email protected]

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In a world where loyalty is earned and betrayal is a way of life, a new and deadlier terrorist threat has emerged - the freelance killer!
The Cold War may be over but at the forefront of the new world is a group of covert mercenaries whose skills in surveillance, reconnaissance and attack are for sale to the highest bidder. Five of these operatives, known as Ronin, are assembled in Paris by a mysterious client for a dangerous mission: steal a top-secret briefcase.
What seems to be a straight-forward assignment soon becomes a deadly pursuit as other underworld organisations vie for the same prize. Betrayer becomes betrayed as the film reaches its shattering climax. Featuring some of the most exciting, stomach-churning car chases ever committed to film, Ronin is a tough, uncompromising thriller that will leave you breathless.
Winning The Title
Ronin may be an unlikely title for a contemporary Hollywood movie, but to the creators of this gritty, action/adventure, it made perfect sense. Taken from ancient Japanese legend, Ronin is a term used to describe disgraced Samurai warriors who, after allowing their masters to be slain, were forced to wander the land, looking for work as hired swords or bandits. Now, in the aftermath of the Cold War, in a world in which alliances have shifted and international tensions have relaxed, a new breed of Ronin has emerged: former covert agents who sell their unique and deadly abilities to the highest bidder....


* 15

Cast List:

* Sean Bean,
* Robert De Niro,
* Natascha McElhone,
* Jean Reno,
* Jonathan Pryce,
* Stellan Skarsgard


* John Frankenheimer

Special Features:

* Alternative Ending. 'Filming In The Fast Lane' making of featurette. Feature-le


* Region 2

Aspect Ratio:

* Aspect Ratio 2.35:1

Number of Discs:

* 1

Main Language:

* English

Subtitle Languages:

* English


Bargain for 3 grand


Flump mate. Edit the price. LOLLOLOLOLOL

Good film, but pricey :-D

One of my all time fave films and well worth £3.99, but it's only £3.00 in Tesco.

Original Poster


Flump mate. Edit the price. LOLLOLOLOLOL

Cheers Andy, was a bit pricey at £3k ;-)

awww heh
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