Ronnie Barker The Ultimate Ronnie Barker DVD Collection at Amazon.Co.UK just £39.98 Delivered!

Ronnie Barker The Ultimate Ronnie Barker DVD Collection at Amazon.Co.UK just £39.98 Delivered!

Found 31st Jul 2007
The Ultimate Ronnie Barker DVD Collection box set is just £39.98 including free SuperSaver delivery from Amazon.Co.UK

* Open All Hours (Series 1-4): Featuring all the episodes from series 1-4.
* Porridge - Series 1-3 & Christmas Specials.
* Including: Going Straight: Winner of two BAFTAs
* Clarence: Featuring all 6 episodes.
* Seven Of One: Featuring all 7 episodes.
* The Magnificent Evans: Featuring all 6 episodes.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Open All Hours (Series 1-4):[/COLOR] Arkwright (Ronnie Barker) a stammering, tight-fisted corner shop owner from Yorkshire has a special way of running his business with nephew Granville (David Jason). When he buys a large batch of damaged tinned goods with no labels, he thinks nothing of passing them off as good stock to his customers. Always on the look out for a bargain, he spots a broken down ice cream van. Before you know it, he's got himself a mobile store. But will Nurse Gladys Emmanuel (Lynda Baron) be impressed?

Featuring all the episodes from series 1-4.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Porridge - Series 1-3 & Christmas Specials:[/COLOR] Including all the episodes from series 1-3 and the Christmas specials; Porridge is set within the walls of HMP Slade as Fletcher and Godber take on the prison system.

[COLOR=DarkRed] Going Straight:[/COLOR] Winner of two BAFTAs - this sequel to Porridge sees Norman Stanley Fletcher released from jail, having served 3 years, 8 months and 4 days. Following his release from Slade, after numerous spells in prison and at the age of 45, Fletcher tries to stick to the straight and narrow, but it isn't easy! Life in the outside world is just not the same as it used to be...

[COLOR=DarkRed]Clarence:[/COLOR] This comedy series written by Ronny Barker and set in 1937 is something of a lost classic. Barker plays Clarence Sale, short-sighted removals man and suitor of Jane, a ladies maid. Ostensibly a comedy of manners with moments of slapstick mayhem (he's as blind as a bat!), Clarence resurrects the title character from an episode of the 1971 ITV series, Six Date With Barker.

Featuring all 6 episodes.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Seven Of One:[/COLOR] Written by and starring Ronnie Barker, this comedy series was a marvellously successful venture, leading to two long-lasting shows; Open All Hours and Porridge.

Featuring all 7 episodes.

[COLOR=DarkRed] The Magnificent Evans:[/COLOR] Set in rural Wales, The Magnificent Evans centers around - the bizarrely named - Platagenet Evans, a man who could best be described as a egotistical bully with an intolerant attitude towards the slow. He is a man of hidden means who also deals in anything saleable under the guise of "antiques". Larger than life and flamboyantly dressed, Evans is driven by sordid motives and lust.

Featuring all 6 episodes.
Seriously good deal this. If I did not have them all I'd have jumped at it!
Me too -paid a lot more as well:x
great deal voted hot tho wont buy it seen them all far to many times
Excellent find.

That's one early Christmas present sorted out.
I've noticed Tesco are doing this for the same price all but a penny, however add £1.64 postsge to Tesco price.
Voted Hot. Ordered 1 for my mums xmas :-D
Voted HOT. If I didnt already have it then I would be buying this now.
Its a great boxset.
just got this.... i got the scrips for porridge for £1 a while ago and heard about the 7 of 1 so im looking forward to watching it all.... thanks op
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