Ronseal One Coat Fencelife 5 Litre - £2.50 at Morrisons INSTORE

Ronseal One Coat Fencelife 5 Litre - £2.50 at Morrisons INSTORE

LocalFound 18th May 2012
Various HALF PRICE 'garden' offers instore, but this seemed the best available.

SEL stated 1/2 price from £5.00, but the cheapest I've seen this is about £6-7.
Various colours available at £2.50:- Red Cedar, Medium Oak, Dark Oak.
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good deal
great price my nearest store never has these bargains but will still go and check tomorrow
Only good for bare wood, totally useless to cover existing painted sheds or fences as it runs like hell when the rain hits it (even after drying for a few days!1), my local hardware shop has stopped selling it due to so many complaints. Read reviews

Cuprinol is far superior, Ronseal should stick to varnish
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Good find
Not even good for bare wood. Had a brand new fence put up this year it was made on site a proper thick fence and first coat after a few days it run on top. Did two coats last week to finish job off as one coat was not enough this was bare wood bef0re this stuff was applied. I did half of fence had my tea and finished other half same brush for some reason you can see where the two halfs meet never had this before with other makes
They had these in my local and they also had the paint sprayer for £7.50 and the sprayable one coat 5L for £3.50
None in Falkirk :-(, used the harvest gold and find it great, needs to be on ruff cut wood though (says on the tin), paint it on smooth wood and it doesn't last long..
mix old engine oil with it lol
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