Ronseal One Coat Timbercare - Red Cedar 9L for £1 @ B&M

Ronseal One Coat Timbercare - Red Cedar 9L for £1 @ B&M

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Posted 24th JulLocal
Great value timber paint Does exactly what it says on the tin!

In store and subject to availability

Ronseal One Coat Timbercare.

Colours and protects rough sawn fences and sheds for up to 2 years.


  • Waterproofs
  • Stops rot & decay
  • Dries in 1-2 hours
  • Long lasting colour

Colour: Red Cedar
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brillliant. been using this for years and it protects fences and shed well.
Thats an insane price. I need the Red Cedar for my fences and i bought the Cuprinol spray and brush sprayer yesterday so this is perfect if i can find stock in Leicester.
Wow One English pound, Brilliant
i need harvest gold unfortunately
hopefully this price in Dundee as was heading to B&M to buy some of the 5l tins they had at £3.99 . None in stock in Dundee Milton store, didn't have red cedar in 5l tins either only medium oak and forest green
Edited by: "jr1761" 24th Jul
Not in my band m area of lancashire.Still a hot deal if other regions can get it, thanks OP.
Don't get down if the deal doesnt get hot, it probably isnt personal, its just areas of the uk are more unappreciative than others regardless of the area. From my experience i get more negs from people below Birmingham although i am not even in the UK. and am in the Netherlands most of the time.

note i said most of the time, before anyone jumps on Lancashire.

I have cousins, wives, sisters, aunts and uncles who all shop in B and M bargains, and home bargains too.
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Which regions is it available? Would be helpful from other posters.
Two B&M stores in my town here in Somerset. Will have a gander tomorrow. Great deal if it pans out.

Update. None in stock and apparently never was. Asked the manager and he said there were probably only a handful available anywhere in the whole country at that price and wished head office would not advertise these tiny availability items as all it does is waste both customer's time and theirs.
Edited by: "Robbo11" 27th Jul
None in the Norwich ring road store, just 5L for £3.99.
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