RoosterMoney – FREE Kids Pocket Money Manager & Reward Chart App available @ Google Play, Itunes & Amazon

RoosterMoney – FREE Kids Pocket Money Manager & Reward Chart App available @ Google Play, Itunes & Amazon

Found 18th Sep 2017
Always trying to teach my kids the value of money, they have to do chores & various other tasks to earn pocket money & they love to have goals to reach / save towards a specific item.
My eldest daughter who is 8 next month has been doing a huge amount of fundraising this year & she is working on her next project, she's doing lots of extra jobs at home to earn money for her target (as well as making stuff to sell at charity events) so thought I'd download this app so she can see just how far she has come / what she has achieved as well as how far she still has to go.

The app can be found for Free at Google Play (on the link), at iTunes HERE & Amazon HERE

RoosterMoney is designed for families to manage pocket money, track chores and rewards and teach children the value of saving. Available in any currency.

RoosterMoney is an allowance tracker and reward chart that helps kids save and learn about money. It’s simple for parents and fun for kids. Parents remain the Bank of Mum and Dad and no deposits are required.

For those families who need extra features like a more advanced chore tracker, adding extra family members, or even setting interest rates, there’s the option to upgrade to RoosterPLUS.

Sign up to record the pocket money comings and goings, and create to-do lists of jobs to earn money. Each child has an account too and can check their statement and savings, create savings goals and choose what they want to save for.

Key Features for Parents:

- Set up a pocket money routine for your kids; issuing allowances automatically each week or on an ad hoc basis in your preferred currency (£, $, € and more).
- You can also select stars as a currency, we act as an online Reward Chart!
- View current balances and statements, so you can track kids money.
- Boost pocket money for jobs, achievements or gifts.

Remove pocket money and hand it to your kids so they can spend it at the shops.
- Take pictures of things at the shops and set these as savings targets for your kids to save up for.
- Lock their allowance in an instant.
- A great way for teaching children money.

Key Features for Kids:

- Take control of your pocket money.
- Know how much money you have and how it has been saved and spent by checking your statement.
- Create goals to save for, and you can upload your own photos!
- Save money to add to a Savings Account.
- Customise your Dashboard and make your account your own.
- Get a head-start learning about money!
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Good, but as always to get the best features there's a cost:-

Plus membership
£1.99 pm
£14.99 pa
A great way to indoctrinate your kids in to the system from a young age.
What happened to kids having piggy banks?? This costs you £15 per year to teach your kids how to manage money, really, how did people cope until now??
ive used this fine without paying. what extra features do you get for paying has been perfectly adequate without paying? We use it as a kind of bank account, where they can move money around, save it and take it out when they spend it giving some responsibility for decisions about money. I quite like it.
Great app, thanks op have some heat
Next, teach them about central banks. The power to create money out of thin air and lend it out with interest.
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