Root Letter Limited Edition PS4 £9.99 @ game

Root Letter Limited Edition PS4 £9.99 @ game

Found 10th Aug 2017

I'm a bit gutted as I payed £14.99

Root Letter Limited Edition Includes:

Exclusive Box Art BookRoot

Letter is the first in a brand new ‘Kadokawa Game Mystery’ series - a

collection of Visual Novels with exceptionally high production values.

Set in Shimane prefecture - a place rich in history, culture and

natural beauty - vLetter revolves around the mystery of Fumino Aya, your

old high school pen friend who went missing 15 years ago. On receiving

her final letter 15 years late, in which she confesses to a murder, it’s

up to you, the player, to unravel the mystery of what happened to her.


through previous letters from Fumino Aya, you must piece together the

truth, alongside the testimonies from seven witnesses who knew her. Did

she really murder someone, was she telling the truth in her letters –

was she even real?

Travel from location to

location in Shimane prefecture and interrogate people from her past –

only by examining her letters can you unravel the mystery. Boasting

beautiful character artwork from Mina Taro and some of Japan’s

best-loved voice actresses, Root Letter represents one of the most

exciting additions to the Visual Novel genre in years.

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That was quick
Missed it again. Maybe someday...
i wouldn't be "gutted" for the sake of a £5 difference - incidentally i also payed £14.99 for this ed. of the game from GAME in store - still haven't gotten around to playing it but hope to eventually - good price if anyone got it art book is nice
I only want to a copy purely for this cat and mouse game we've all been playing for so long
In stock
Also on ps vita.
Awesome, today was the day I finally got it! Heat heat heat
I would have ordered it for the Vita but GAME's website is terrible on mobile. Need to remember to order on desktop in future.

Great value if you can get it at this price. If you don't like it, sell it on for the same and lose nothing.
Now out of stock from GAME on both platforms - just as I'd found the time to think about buying, typical!

Never mind... it would have been an impulse buy more than anything, and if I still want it tomorrow, it looks like my local store has one or two copies left and I'll be passing at lunchtime.
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