Rose Water 600ml 99p  @tesco

Rose Water 600ml 99p @tesco

Found 24th Jun 2008
For anyone who doesn't know, rose water is a great natural skin toner and can cost around £8 100ml.

It can also be used to treat sunburn and the last bottle I bought from lloyds chemist was about £3 for 100ml.

Tesco though have it in a 600ml bottle for 99p and it's on buy one get one free, worth popping in the basket if you're doing a shop.

The bottle itself is horrible but you can easily decant it.

It's the same stuff this person sells only in a different bottle and more money…htm
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Sorry, the buy one get one free ends today so not available for delivery but if you're in store it's worth adding to basket. It's in the asian food section but is the same stuff sold in chemists. Bit like the way they sell olive oil in tiny bottles.
it's a decent enough price on BOGOF, but most continental food stores, especially ones with a lot of turkish or persian foods, will have it just as cheap (afterall, it's one of the main ingredients in turkish delight). good if you can get it on BOGOF, otherwise fairly average.

btw, it does taste bloody wonderful, goes great in puddings
Thanks for the tip, this lot should do me a while though.
its good as a cleanser
At last I know what it's for - keep seeing it on the website and did wonder what it culd be used for. Thin I'll pop and get some as prone to sunburn...
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