Roseanne: Complete Series 1-9 Box Set DVD - save over £100 - £49.95 delivered @ The Hut

Roseanne: Complete Series 1-9 Box Set DVD - save over £100 - £49.95 delivered @ The Hut

Found 19th Feb 2010
Great price. Next best over £70.
One of the major family sitcoms of the late 1980s/early 1990s, ROSEANNE became popular for its no-nonsense attitude and its humorously honest portrayal of American life. With a set resembling the living room of countless family homes across the United States, the show concerned itself the with the antics of its main star, Roseanne Barr (later Roseanne Arnold), her husband Dan (John Goodman), and their kids. More like a regular working-class family than any other characters previously seen on television, the Illinois-bred Conners use brutal honesty and acerbic wit to raise their three children: rapidly maturing Becky, sarcastic Darlene, and precocious DJ. Meanwhile, they have to deal with the typical problems of an American family, such as annoying relatives, worries about jobs and money, and the struggle to find time for themselves. ROSEANNE was among the first shows on television to deal in a truthful and deglamorised way with everyday issues that average viewers could relate to--and it managed to remain funny and touching while doing so. This box set contains every episode from the show's nine series.


worth every penny, such a great show!

was a big fan, but i reckon this might get a little lower if you are prepared to wait a few months x

Good deal for a great show. Although the final episode ruined it for me. It was such a ridiculous ending, i won't say what it was for those that haven't seen it!

agree silly ending, it really let it down, but it deserved the emmy, about time it was repeated!



Are the hut safe to use???

er yes, but this deal was posted by a mod so if they go bust you can hold hotukdeals personally liable.

Not a fan of AMERICAN junk!

I`d rather watch paint dry.

Loved this show! I bought series one for a fiver a couple of years ago, think I'll hang on a bit to see if it this goes down!:thumbsup:


Not a fan of AMERICAN junk!I`d rather watch paint dry.

So you don't watch any American TV? America produces some of the best shows on TV e.g Mad Men, West Wing, 24, Burn notice, Big Bang Theory, Frasier, Friends etc. You're missing out if you stick to British TV only!

Great price. Was going to order last week when it was £63ish on Amazon but pleased I waited. Great show but poor ending.

Anyone received this yet or had it dispatched?

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