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gocomma Robot Vacuum Spares accessory Kit for Xiaomi Mi Robotic Vacuum (1st / 2nd Gen) £6.56 @ Rosegal
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Robot Vacs are pretty popular, these are some cheap spares that could be worth having on hand if you use yours a lot. For this price you'll need to remove Shipping Insurance, altho… Read more

This is a great price though... the set is almost £30 on Amazon.


3rd party replacements :)


I take those are not original?

USB 3.1 Network Cable for Android  -  Type-C Fast Charge Cable -  65p delivered w/code @ Rosegal
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Use code MYCP16 at basket, must be be logged in :) If your original charging cable does not meet your requirements for charging or transferring data, this gocomma data cable wil… Read more

Funnily enough, I recall reading from that same link being presented at the back end of last Year some time?, via another Thread ... Makes for some interesting reading nonetheless.


"Network" cable?


Agreed. Maybe the usage resets after midnight?! Ordered. Thanks!


I've just tried it and it worked for me.


Goornertillidie we hope u r 100% sure because no one is perfect that include u (lol)

GS320 LCD Display Digital IR Infrared Thermometer with Data Hold - Yellow £4.22 delivered Delivered w/code @ RoseGal
Refreshed 27th Nov 2018Refreshed 27th Nov 2018
Really good price for an Infrared Thermometer! It works out at just £4.22 delivered - so handy in the house whe you have young kids. You'll need to use the code LUSALE08 at ch… Read more

How accurate are these?


It arrived finally. Think they got to pluto in time it took to be delivered (lol)


Thanks. My readings are within 0.4C each time so am ok with that.


It won't consistently measure the differences is the thing. Try repeating the same set of measurements three times in a row to test it ....


I'm using it to look for colder spots on the ceiling to know where to add more insulation. Not too worried about the exact temperature, just which bits are colder or warmer.

USB rechargeable front and rear multi-function bike light set £2.86 delivered with code @ Rosegal
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Seems to be a great price for these - you get both and free delivery as well. Use code BGSALE05 when logged in at checkout and de-select shipping insurance option for the price t… Read more

Yeah didn't work for me either


Sorry - code has expired - will expire now (annoyed)


'Error, this promotion code has frequency of use restrictions.'


Can’t get this to work. Says code has a frequency use error?

Tree Man plant pot / pen holder ornament heart design £2.30 each delivered with code @ RoseGal
Refreshed 3rd JanRefreshed 3rd Jan
Update 3/1 - new code New design of Tree Man now £2.30 delivered. Use code WLAL02 at checkout and de-select shipping insurance to get the price to drop from £4.61 to £2.30 deliv… Read more

Thanks Op BUT ......this site is showing as unsafe on and also F-Secure is saying its harmful. Use at your own risk. (shock)


What about import tax / additional charges as it comes from the US


You need to select country as uk and currency as gbp then add the code in the op then it will be £2.30


Thanks. Just ordered 2 and added another piece of clothing from the website. Used the code provided and on top of the discount it gave free standard shipping (the total order was $13).


And I'm 4!

Xiaomi Solid Color Lightweight Water-resistant Backpack 10L £4.10 @ RoseGal
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Use voucher code at checkout. Pay with a no-fee card in USD to get the price. Description: Made of high-quality polyester material, this backpack weighs only 165g. With the wate… Read more

I feel like in the not so distant future I will probably be wearing Xiaomi underwear with Xiaomi clothes and carrying a Xiaomi phone in my pocket as well as a Xiaomi wallet riding a Xiaomi electric scooter. All because I kept finding sweet deals on HotUkDeals.


I ordered the yellow one of these when it was posted before, cute bag, pretty small but cute :D .

Samsung EVO UHS-3 Micro SDXC Memory Card - 64gb - £6.69 delivered @ Rosegal
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
Main Features: ● Read speed up to100MB/s, write speed up to 40MB/s ● This card delivers the uncompromising performance you need for burst-mode shooting ● It … Read more

Got mine today. My camera only accepts U3 cards and it recorded 4K no problem. My guess is real.


40mbs write speed is terrible for burst shoots.... you need at least a class 10 - 90mbs grade


Does anyone knows if these are actually real? 64gb for that price- not bad.. Than again years ago I have bought some fake flashdrives from china and instead of being 512gb like they said they were 2gb :D Not sure about this tho..


The picture looks terrible


I appreciate this may be difficult on a small screen...Compare the printing on a genuine card from Amazon to the Rosegal card -It looks like it's been printed on a really cheap inkjet. At best it will last a few months before taking all your data with it and then the hassle of trying to get your money back. Just to save a couple of quid... :/

1m gocomma USB 3.1 / 2A Fast Charge Type-C cable in black only [Data/Charge] 62p @ Rosegal [With Code]
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Pretty cheap for 1m cable, available in black only - $1.44 for one, Only one code per account. Price of 0.62 pence achieved by selecting $ as currency, using the code WYHOT16; rem… Read more

Got mine today. NOTE, these do not support fast charging for P20 Pro. Waste of money if you have same phone as me.


Has anyone who ordered these got them yet.


Will it fast charge the samsung phones?


Ordered thanks, discount inly aplies to the 1 item.


At the "View cart & checkout" stage.

Utorch LE7 E27 Smart WiFi RGBW LED Light Bulb £6.23 @ Rosegal
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
Use no fee card to get at this price. Use Quidco for possible 10-16% cashback + £2.50 bonus (activate first) click .

I use a Philips Hue Bob in my bedroom which starts to gradually turn on before my alarm. Seems to work on.


It's for next time when someone else posts up this offer, then you know. (y) I have just your regular echo dot 3rd gen mate.


Thanks! Now at full price, but I will keep an eye on it. What Alexa device you have if you don't mind? The Plus has a hub integrated.


Got mine today, no hub needed. Installed the eFamilyCloud app and link it with your alexa and you're good to go.


Does anyone have any experience setting up a smart bulb as a wake up alarm simulator? I don't want to clutter the bedside table so thought I'd give this a go at this price! Thanks OP.

Samsung EVO Plus 32GB Micro SD Card US $4.14 (~£3.24) Shipped @ Rosegal
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
Pretty darn cheap for a 32GB Samsung Evo Plus Micro SD card! Using the promo code BFHOT19 brings the price down from £10.84 to £3.24. You must be logged in to apply the voucher… Read more

Got my card today and it's genuine.


Got my 32GB Micro SD Card yesterday and checked it via H2TESTW software and it checked out fine here's the results, Tested Only 30512 of 30513 MByte tested. Test finished without errors. Write Speeds 32.9 MByte/s Reading Speeds 84.1 MByte/s


Just got my 64gb from dressily, I also bought the 32gb cards from rosegal, seems to be the same company as rosegal,as postage labels are for the same return address in Malaysia. checked all the physical signs for fake cards, nothing noticeable and compared to my genuine cards looks to be spot on, Warning: Only 61036 of 61037 MByte tested. Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 57.2 MByte/s Reading speed: 65.1 MByte/s H2testw v1.4


Mine just arrived. Looks legit and tests very well: Tested Only 30515 of 30516 MByte tested (remember Windows reports a 32GB as 29.8GB) Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 32.7 MByte/s Reading speed: 84.3 MByte/s H2testw v1.4 Very Happy.


Anyone got theirs ? Ordered 25th and they didn't despatch until 4th and then only left HK on the 7th.

Samsung UHS-1 32GB Micro SDHC Memory Card 32gb £3.24 delivered using code @ Rosegal
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Use code BFHOT19 @ checkout.

Just got my 64gb from dressily, I also bought the 32gb cards from rosegal, seems to be the same company as rosegal,as postage labels are for the same return address in Malaysia. checked all the physical signs for fake cards, nothing noticeable and compared to my genuine cards looks to be spot on, Warning: Only 61036 of 61037 MByte tested. Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 57.2 MByte/s Reading speed: 65.1 MByte/s H2testw v1.4


Faek. :{


BARGAIN ordered 16gig from amazon the other day for £3.89 I think guttediam great spot Op HOT


Smoke and mirrors


fake according to this: cards made in china. All Samsung cards are apparently only made Korea or the Philippines: Back of card should say made in Korea or Philippines, back of card on Rosegal doesn't mention anything on where it is made.

Dog Coin Eating Money Box £4.67 delivered at Rosegal
Refreshed 24th Nov 2018Refreshed 24th Nov 2018
I love this! This Dog coin Eating money box is too cute and at just £4.67 delivered it will make a really nice novelty gift! You'll need to use the code BFTOP19 at checkout to ge… Read more

Adds Upto 5.55.. not sure if it’s worth tht extra few pence


The dogs face at the end of the video cracks me up everytime!


Buy an Alfa Romeo, that'll eat loads of money....


Works for me when logged in, secret santa sorted



Black Friday at RoseGal: QC 3.0 Car Charger for £1.25 / Xiaomi USB Diffuser £8.87 / Android Endoscope £2.80 + More with code @ Rosegal
Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018
Black Friday has officially landed at Rosegal, with a host of discounts across the site. I've had a good trawl around the site and rounded up some of their better offers, so you do… Read more

I received a card from the Royal Mail asking me to pay a fee on a £8.87 humidifier. Heck knows what Rosegal put on the label. Won’t be buying from them again.


promocode expired.Post needs to be expired!


Not really but I usually go by percentage, 38p increase can be 100% increase or 5% increase for example. Other deals on Rosegal for example were same price as posted when paid by PayPal.


You're really bothered about paying 38p more?


I love these Gearbest or RoseGal chinese descriptions. Xiaomi Diffuser "Moisturizes the skin and gives you a feeling of SPA". Yeah right!!

EAGET T1 Class 10 80MB/s TF Card 32GB - Royal Blue - £2.55 delivered @ Rosegal
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
To get this price, remove the insurance. Main Features ● Support 1080P HD video storage ● Class 80MB/s fast transmission speed ● Suitable for storing video… Read more

received it, 15mb/s write, 20mb/s read, so a bit slow but works.


Ordered one, happy to give them a try



I hope it's pronounced 'eejit'


Just oreder one. will see how is it. Need to be registered on the merchant site for using the code

0 - 150MM Electronic Digital Micrometer Plastic Carbon Fibre Calliper - Silver - 0 - 150mm - £2.18 delivered @ Rosegal
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
To get this price, remove the insurance. Main Features: LCD screen, more convenient reading High quality PA66 plastic material and clear Laser scribing IP54 level protection, in … Read more

This is a vernier not a micrometer, just saying


I know they're better but I'm a tight git and I couldn't find a metal one for £1.85 including delivery, this one I received is actually quite good now it's no longer shaped like a 🍌.


LOL, Get a metal one there much better


Done it, I let honey try codes then try too add the one given and it didn't accept it. Added code afetr refresh and works. Many thanks. 8) Came to £2.26 for me though but still good deal.


Where is "remove Insurance" becasue i'v looked on every page through checkout and i can't see it...

Durable Backpack Only £4.04 (with code) @ Rosegal
Found 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
With 6 different colours, there really is a colour for everyone with this durable backpack from Huwaijianfeng. About as cheap as backpacks get! (y)

First thing I thought. Even the model lettering is a duplicate from QUECHUA.


there you go, and a much better price too


Just a duplicate of the decathlon bag!


This one perhaps....QUECHUA HIKING BACKPACK - £2.49 :)


seems to be a copy of a Decathlon bag...

Mini Tape Measure Only 55p (with code) @ Rosegal
Found 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
I think this is the cheapest measure I've ever seen. It's only 1 metre long, but is perfect for odd jobs as it can be put on a keychain! (y)

64p for 2 ( Amazon ) but not good reviews ;


68p for two from Amazon

Original Xiaomi 5 x USB-A 1 x USB-C 60W QC3.0 Fast Charging Adapter £14.86 w/code @ Rosegal
Refreshed 11th Nov 2018Refreshed 11th Nov 2018
Cracking price for this charger - Use code IRSALE30 at checkout, also gives free delivery, not sure how long it'll last for though! (make sure logged in to use the code) Will be w… Read more

Anyone received this yet, mine is still en route....


This Anker one looks OK for the price: Scan: Amazon: £30 for Anker PD 5 - One USB-C PD (30W) and Four USB-A Ports


I got this one for my XPS 15 - I'm afraid it's gone back up to £30, but they'll probably be an offer along again soon.


If you can wait a while - Anker have announced new PD chargers, search up Anker PortPort Atom PD2 and PD4, I have got a charger that works great with my MBP 15” which I purchased stateside, but not available here (annoyed)


We also need a good hub deal with: 100w charging power ports, Display Port, Thunderbolt, HDMI, USB 3.0/3.1 and optional Ethernet port, under £50

Gocomma G06 Remote Control Headset 90p @ Rosegal
Found 10th Nov 2018Found 10th Nov 2018
Not sure how good they are but I guess it's only 90p! Also available in black colour.

Ordered 3 thanks OP Heat added


Exactly, my daughter lost her earphones and wanted another pair for college the next day. She got in a huff when I wouldn't yield my shures and kz's. This fits the bill!.


Exactly .. or with a warning about no warranty.


Just what I was looking for! Ordered thanks! (y)


How can a 90p set of headphones be cold? Just stuff you give to the kids and not care about if they break or lose.

2m 20 LED USB Copper String LED Lights 39p delivered @ Rosegal
Found 10th Nov 2018Found 10th Nov 2018
For 39p delivered you can get these 2m 20 LED USB Copper String Lights - perfect for Christmas! You'll need to use the code LUSALE03 at checkout to get the reduced price. … Read more

Not letting me apply code


Thanks, ordered 2 lots (different orders) and paid $0.50 each


You use a usb plug


How would you charge these or connect them to the mains ?


Thanks! 50p! Awesome deal