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Retroflag NESPI Case+ for Raspberry Pi 3 / 2 and B+ with Screws / Screwdriver £9.50 w/code @ Rosegal
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
Retroflag NESPI Case+ for Raspberry Pi 3 / 2 with screws and screwdriver back down to £9.50 - need to be logged in and use code DSRG5YTOP3 Decent feedback from people who had p… Read more

Raspberry ripple is better !


Some TVs can be funny, if your pi is connected to your network and you are comfortable using putty to SSH onto your pi i can give you the bits of code needed to force HDMI sound?


You'll need a usb keyboard. There's another way to force sound over HDMI in the settings menu, but you'll also need a keyboard to change it IIRC.


Really? I'm new to this how can I fix it please?


Cost me £10.97 >:¬( There are apparently fakes of these out there with the above mentioned voltage issues: Guess I'll find out personally when mine arrives. Edit: looks as though that link's for the non plus model. Guess I'll never find out.

Xiaomi Solid Color Lightweight Water-resistant Backpack now £6.17 Delivered w/code @ RoseGal - all colours included
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Cheaper than the deal posted a few days ago & code seems to work on all colours on the link :) As per usual with RoseGal you have to be logged in & use the code DSRG5YSAL… Read more

Arrived and was too small.


This is boys lol


I like to steer clear of unnecessary third party apps cluttering up the phone. I’m an old nexus boy remember? I didn’t switch the WiFi qr code thing on so it should be on for yours.


Yes, forgot about the 3 finger screen grab, uber helpful, and works every effing time. Not fussed on face id, as like you say, it probably has one of the quickest if not the quickest fingerprint sensor on the planet. Could you not download an app to change the notification light? Haven't experienced the WiFi thing yet, is it a setting that needs switched on?


Very much agree switchy. Xiaomi have thought about the user experience. Small things do don't on this one. The fingers down for a screen shot is so helpful, compared to messing with power and volume buttons. Even editing and annotating that screen grab is much easier. Battery life is managed very well by the 845 too. Have you seen that thing where after your join a WiFi, it tells you to tap on it and generates a qr code for another phone to join the WiFi? Who thought that idea up? Noticed I can't choose the colour of led for notifications though, which would've been a nice perk. Still waiting on face unlock for our location too, though as I said previously, the finger print sensor is greased bloody lightning.

Xiaomi MMC - W201 Dual-purpose Portable LCD Medical Electronic Thermometer - £2.92 delivered w/code @
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Description: Xiaomi Medical LCD Electronic Thermometer comes. It looks simple as always but with dual purposes: oral and underarm temperature measurement. Adopting high-precisi… Read more

Doubtless it'll be a different brand, but is this worth nearly 3 times the price? I bought this It didn't work. There'll be a high failure rate with these so you minimise the risk and save a couple of quid by grabbing one from your local pound shop.


Perfect for NFP!


Pretty sure Poundland sells different brand.




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Lenovo Watch 9 Bluetooth Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Support iOS and Android - £14.58 delivered w/code @
Found 14th JulFound 14th Jul
Lenovo Watch 9 combines the functions of traditional business watches and sports watches, providing more intelligent and convenient services for people. Its ergonomic design is su… Read more

Got it for the lower price on the 14th of this month, but order is still processing. Don't order if you are in a hurry.


Does that bother you?


Can anyone recommend a cheap one to connect to an android phone only to be worn when playing football?


Link please :/


Don't sweat the small stuff

ORICO 2139U3 Hard Drive Enclosure 2.5 inch Transparent USB 3.0 £3.34 with code // Lenovo Watch 9 Bluetooth Smartwatch Fitness Tracker iOS + Android £14.58 @ Rosegal
Shipping from CNShipping from ChinaFound 12th JulFound 12th Jul
ORICO 2139U3 2.5 inch USB 3.0 Micro B Hard Drive Enclosure for £3.34 delivered with code DSRG5YTOP13 (need to be logged in) Also an offer on the Lenovo Watch 9 for £14.58 wit… Read more

the same, both support UASP, as it does clearly say usb 3.1 generation 1 and It is the new way to call the older 3.0 generation. The faster one is now called usb3.1 gen. 2. A legal con to confuse people


very fast and looks great. I need another but they wanna charge delivery this time, total cost now £5.47, still a bargain in my opinion and if needed UV400 Kingston on sata3 UV400 Kingston on ORICO usb3.0 enclosure


Mine also arrived. UASP just works, JMicron controller, very quick with an SSD in it.


Mine came today day, thanks op wish I got another one now.


Got mine today too - thankyou Chanchi and thankyou Rosegal (excited)

IPLAY Four Charging Dock Charger Stand for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con - £5.14 delivered w/code @
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Main Features: Designed for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging 4 Joy-Cons at the same time With 80cm USB plug-in charging cable Cradle front end with two USB interface, for other de… Read more

Just to advise people, these work as they should but don't be surprised if one of the joycon charging ports don't work, remember as they say you get what you pay for. :)





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GS320 LCD Display Digital IR Infrared Thermometer with Data Hold -£4.60 delivered w/code @
Found 7th JulFound 7th Jul
Main Features: - Precise non-contact IR thermometer, safe and easy to use - Simply point to an object and read its temperature - Laser sight allows accurate targeting - Consist of… Read more

"Accuracy: 1.5 Deg.C" Doesn't sound very good to me.


Good for testing for the infected for a zombie Apocalypse ...


wood fired (Pizza) ovens etc need to get to 450c-500c so this one's range not up to that, but a really good price so heat added.


OP. You should realise that a minus sign immediately in front of a number means that it is a negative amount so that -£4.60 made it look as if you were making £4.60 on the deal.


My Chinese crap is over 5 years old, and still works....

216 Pcs 3mm Education Toys Magnet Toys Multi Molding Magnetic Balls - £2.54 delivered w/code @
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
Just to be clear, these should only be purchased by responsible adults. If you don't belong in that category, please leave now. Features: - Magnetic ball size: 0.12 inch=3mm - … Read more

and go play with your tiny metal balls.


Why is it so difficult for you to see the point? You falsely tried using the "sprinkling razor blades all over my home" as an analogy. These magnetic balls are for responsible adults who would never leave them anywhere young children (or anyone irresponsible) could access them. It shouldn't be so difficult for you to grasp this? I urge you, for the sake of your children and grandchildren, to desist from being blindly liberal-minded. Stop jumping on any band-waggon that comes along, and basically decide not to be a sheep. Let your kids eat dirt, unwrap the cotton wool from around them, and give them the best chance possible of surviving this life, and hence passing on worthwhile genes. The easiest thing you can ever possibly choose to do, is impress other liberals. Try to gain the respect of the silent majority instead, then you will have earned a badge worth wearing. I wish you well.


Sorry, i missed the message as i was busy sprinkling razer blades all over my home, but knowing how dangerous they are watching my child as carefully as i could to make sure they were not ingested, and completely forgetting that other children of friends and family might also enter my house, but they arent my kids, so their safety around my razer blades doesnt matter, right?. awful and dangerous product.


I left a message for you at the very beginning of this post.


I am a parent and if my kid does something stupid like swallowing magnets I will feel more than ashamed of myself, I will feel that I have failed as a parent.

ZANMAX 3101 13 in 1 Multitool Pocket Knife - £2.69 delivered w/code @
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Description: The zanmax 13 in 1 pocket knife is the ultimate multitool. Whether you need to open a can, turn a screw or get a stuck drawer open, zanmax is at your service. Main … Read more

Came this morning, seems pretty decent quality for the £, time will tell.


You're wrong.


We'll agree to differ, although I'd suggest you actually have a look at the legislation.


No knife is legal except items being used or about to be used for a trade or hobby. Any knife being carried without these reasons 'CAN' be deemed an offensive weapon. It all depends on the circumstances.


There actually is, but voted COLD as it is poor quality materials and will fall apart trying t get stones out of horses hooves :D

Universal 360 Degrees Rotation Long Arm Car Windshield Holder Mount Bracket Stand for Cell Phones - £0.92 delivered @
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Universal 360 Degrees Rotation Long Arm Car Windscreen Cellphone Holder The car mount is the perfect mobile phone holder for most smartphones. 360-degree rotation is in order to p… Read more

I have a magnetic one at the moment, the type that sticks on the dash, I have had a few of these flexible type and the phone shakes a fair bit as you would expect on a long flexible arm. I am of the conclusion now that I will just buy a decent one rather than keep buying rubbish.


Could you recommend one? I've tried CD mount, air vent mount, and windscreen mount. None particularly good, though window mount was the best


Item is sold out now.


Heat added! Got one (y)


I've actually just thrown one of these out. Was mostly good; good adhesion to windscreen, strong and flexible cable thing, but it broke quite quickly at the juncture between the cable and the sucker. Shame, it was decent in the 2-3 months that I had it. I'd probably buy another at this price tbh as it 2 or 3 a year is still cheaper than buying one over here.

Lenovo Mini portable dual USB car charger now £5.36 delivered with code @ Rosegal
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Lenovo HC11 mini dual USB car charger - mini size fits in the car cigaratte lighter port a lot neater than the big ones that stick out everywhere. Great for charging 2 phones at on… Read more

Absolutely, definitely going to be a genuine Lenovo product... (skeptical)


It's black.


another grey import!!


Another rosegal deal, wonder why they are all posted by people connected to the site. This will get hot but plenty of Amazon ones at around this price normally dispatcompanies most people will have heard from. for an extra pound or lessyou can get one delivered tomorrow off Amazon and not have the wait for this to arrive

Lenovo Watch 9 Bluetooth Smartwatch Fitness Tracker (iOS and Android) £17.58 delivered w/code @ Rosegal
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Cracking price, good reviews and works with iOS & Android. As a pioneer of smart products, Lenovo has now launched a new watch called Watch 9. It combines the functions of tra… Read more

I got mine last week and have to say it is a very nice piece of kit. I like the finish, synced up with my Android phone no problem. I guess if I had to pick something I didn't like it's the silicon band it comes with, but since it's a standard (20mm) size, that's easily fixed. The time is very easy to see, even though the watch is black the main four our indicators are nicely visible. The hour and minute hands are obviously also very visible (as they are a brighter colour) and even the second hand (though is dark) is visible as it's more of a metallic grey colour. Ideally I wish they would have added a calendar but... for the price I'm very happy with the watch. The glass face is sapphire (according the their site) and so far it has not scratched.


R Rosegal is a Chinky company and all their tat is spammed by mods. Pay next to nothing, expect the quality to be naff.


Just tracked it and they said that mine is coming from China, this was not specified when ordered from Rose Gal in the USA!


"Instructions for non-Chinese speakers". Spelt out to you, in, 'Chinese' ... :p :{


Unfortunately I can't stop being a Null and a woman! That would be a problem :) And my age is unsupported, as is my nickname! Even though it now gives me some goals. But can I get it to ring my phone, no. It's alright translating these features into English on the ap, but if they don't actually then work, there's not a lot of point.

Cwxuan 3 in 1 Type C / Micro USB / USB 2.0 to USB 2.0 / MS / SD / M2 / TF Card Reader Hub - £4.93 @
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Features: Can be read on computer with Windows system, expanding 3 USB ports Can be read on computer with Type-C interface, expanding 3 USB ports Support OTG function for phone wit… Read more

I received the hub very fast and it`s working, can`t complain about the quality, chinese product. Not the first time using Rosegal so you can definetly trust them




£1 for usb card reader in pound land, works for years also


I think it's designed to be for tablets / phones, you can use the curve as a doc


I think the idea is that you dock a phone or tablet in the curve at the front.

LiitoKala Lii 202 2 Slot Smart USB Battery Charger / Protection Circuit Indicator £3.41 delivered w/code @ Rosegal
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Good price on the 2 slot version of this, a little bit cheaper than the last drop we saw as well. The 4 slot model (402) comes down now and then for around £2 more, both are worth … Read more

The 4-slot one still available for £5.40ish with code.


sold out ;(


The name on the battery gave a giggle as some on here Wouldn't touch some of these cheap Chinese chargers as they think they're a fire hazard.

ORICO MH4PU USB 3.0 Hub with 4 ports - Monitor / Desk Mountable £8.34 w/code @ Rosegal
Refreshed 16th JunRefreshed 16th JunShipping from CNShipping from China
Never seen these before (Maybe I've been under a rock?) Pretty nifty idea though. Nice to get a hub off the desk, mines loaded with all kinds of stuff as it is :D You can attach i… Read more





this would be brilliant if it had an independent power supply to help power the ports. Hopefully the next version.


Charging Station Desktop Charger I think it's impossible to make it more confusing Idiots...


It does -- you have to be signed in before using the code. I've just done so.

32GB  EAGET T1 Class 10 Micro SD Card   £3.69 w/code @ Rosegal
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Cheap Micro SD card, I'd say ideal for use for music and stuff. We have an old 16GB sandisk we use for the car, so probably going to use this one for that. For this price use the c… Read more

Bought this tested it filled it music, using it a few weeks, bargain. Don't think I'd use it for anything important though.


Tempted but never heard of them.


Eaget ... :p


Who are ya!


Yep!, and same here too, loooool.

HTV - 777 5V 1A Dual USB Ports Adapter Charger with Sensitive Light-sensor Night Light - White - Eu Plug 1pc - £0.68 @
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Good for taking on holiday. HTV - 777 Night Light Adapter 5V 1A 2 USB Ports Charger for EU PLUG This is an artwork of charger and night light. It can charge two of your electron… Read more

The night light feature gets brighter as the night goes on and the intervals overheat. If you factor in it is a SAD lamp too it’s a bargain.


Smokin' deal! Well it probably will start smoking as you sleep in your hotel room, so cold from me.


If it came with a built in smoke detector... Now that would be a useful feature!


There is a fire risk and damage to your item


Probably the unknown brand. If you want cheap unbranded stuff it’s all over eBay. The 1A charge speed wouldn’t bother me, but the brand would as it could literally be any junk inside.

Portable Dust Suction Brush Vacuum Cleaning Tool - £1.50 w/code @ RoseGal
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Features: Flexible suction tube, easy to control Fit for any size vacuum Great for vents, keyboards, drawers, window blinds, sofa gaps, car seat covers, etc.. Total lenght: 33.5c… Read more

I am a cheapskate so like the DIY approach! Quick trip to Mcdonalds pick up some straws - bit of glue and hey presto £1.50 saved lol £2 in petrol used to drive to Mcdonalds though! hmmmm (devil)


I found an eBay seller who was taking offers. He had it listed for £1.96 and I made him a cheeky offer of £1 which he accepted. Ordered on 3 June 2018, received today on 19 June 2018. Item no. is 273199277320 if anyone wants to try their luck.


What is the code?


you can make it work but its by far not a good fit and allows a lot of air in


Damn, too late but thanks for the warning

Multifunctional Automatic Wire Stripper Crimping Pliers Terminal Tool - £6.40 w/code @
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Main Features: ● Made of high-quality steel ● 3 in 1: stripping, trimming, crimp terminal ● Saving more effort than conventional wire strippers ● Not d… Read more



Bloody hell, a RoseGal tat post not spammed , iI mean posted, by a mod. WTF is going on? Lol


The strippers left the building.... ;(


Very good stripper makes it very easy.


I paid around £7 from Amazon and works great for speaker wire (y)