Rosenborg Danish Blue Free Calendar 2009 includes Vouchers
Rosenborg Danish Blue Free Calendar 2009 includes  Vouchers

Rosenborg Danish Blue Free Calendar 2009 includes Vouchers

Discover exquisite new ways to enjoy our Danish Blue with the ROSENBORG® calendar 2009. From melt-in-the-mouth risotto with blue cheese and mushrooms, to tasty spinach, blue cheese and artichoke heart pizza, be inspired every month with 12 delicious new recipes to try out. And as an added treat, you can also save 20p off Rosenborg every month.

Wasn't sure whether to post under freebies or vouchers as it's both.


thanks hot

Have submitted a request for a calender. Hope I get it :thumbsup:

Sounds good to me. Free calendar. Free recipes +money off coupons:-Hot, thanks

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I've always received them for the past 3/4 years. Last year though they didn't arrive until January.

Sounds ok, Like the vouchers asdas take them even if you dont have the thing's

excellent,i love this cheese:thumbsup:

Thanks, heat applied :santa:



Not as sexy as the title would have me believe! :whistling:

Mmmmmm, cheesey peas, thanks, ordered :thumbsup:

Thanks for this, i have had one every year for the past 2 year....

Thanks I always get my free calender from UKhotdeals

just asking yesterday about calendars thank you. hot

thank you i lookforward to trying it and recieving the callender


I got this last year Hot

thanks, voted hot - these are good, had one this year and last year :thumbsup:

Had one last year and used all the vouchers on just weekly shops (no cheese). Accepted everytime, so a good deal. Thanks. Heat and rep added

:w00t: Great stuff, been waiting for this to come up :thumbsup:


Voted Hot !

thanks for the post

was going to post this :santa: as it would not be the same with out the free Calendar :whistling:

well thanks again for the post
:santa:all the best to you all for xmass and the new year :santa::gift:

as ever scooter

Thanks, registered. H&R added.

Ordered one for my mum, thanks H&R added :thumbsup:

:santa:Just in time...my other half was looking for one!

I've always received them for the past years.
THANK U:thumbsup:

Dont need to request if you have requested one last year
We hope you were inspired by your ROSENBORG calendar 2008 and discovered
some tasty new ways to cook with our Danish Blue.

However, now it’s time to launch our new calendar, which we will
automatically post to you. The ROSENBORG calendar 2009 is packed with 12
more mouth-watering recipes and money-off coupons for you to enjoy.

Has anyone received theirs yet?

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People are starting to receive their calendars now.

Yes received & £3.80 worth of vouchers too

Never bothered requesting one this year, but received mine a few days ago.
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