Roses/Miniature Heroes/Milka/Toblerone 400g £2 @ Asda

Roses/Miniature Heroes/Milka/Toblerone 400g £2 @ Asda

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Found 7th Dec 2010
Was in Asda this evening and saw Cadbury and Kraft boxes of chocolates all £2. There were Roses, Miniature Heroes, Milka Minis, Toblerone Tinies and Terry Chocolate Orange Segsations. All boxes around 300g - 400g weight.

These make great token gifts at Christmas time, for teachers, neighbours, work colleagues etc.

This is Nationwide. Available online.


Which store was it?


and is it nationwide?
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Much better deal if you can get to Morrisons 3 boxes for £3.99 heroes, roses and allsorts.…232
Good deal for people who don't have a morrisons close by though, heat added

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Which store was it?*EDIT*and is it nationwide?

Sorry, should have said it is nationwide and online. It was Wembly I was in. I've edited it to avoid confusion.


morrison's better

Got loads of the Heroes in Morrison's yesterday but the Milka minies , Toblerone Tinies and Chocolate orange segsations sound good and a wee bit different from the run of the mill Roses and Heroes.

Good deals at both Morrisons and Asda, as SaintNick says.... nice to have the variety!
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