Rosewood Dog Car Harness (small) £6.66 @ Tesco Direct
Rosewood Dog Car Harness (small) £6.66 @ Tesco Direct

Rosewood Dog Car Harness (small) £6.66 @ Tesco Direct

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Hehe this might stop your little friend trying to jump on your head while your driving along. However if it's a boy dog, don't do it, his lil doggy friends will never let him live that colour harness down. Wonder if it'll work for the cat?

This Rosewood dog car harness seat belt restraint system features adjustable straps and swivel fittings allowing your pet to sit and lie in comfort. This Rosewood dog car harness system also features soft protection chest padding and is suitable for the following breeds as an example:- Terriers, Jack Russells and Toy Poodles.



Can it also be used on children?

or the mother?still can't use the seatbeat , have to do it for her.

Perfect mothersday present.

Apart from the appalling colour, this is confusing me how it is connected.

The Dog seat belt harnesses I have used up to now all have clips to enable them to loop around the standard seat belt... this one clearly doesn't, yet is shown with the belt threaded through the loop?! :?
I can only assume it has the buckle passed through the loop, which isn't very handy, and it means can't be used with a very tiny dog, where you may want to use it looped through your own seat belt and sit it on your knee..

I am a great fan of dog seat belts... not only safer for the dog, but far safer for the occupants too, but not much use if they are difficult to use, as they will just get left off.

This one, and other types, are around elsewhere either cheap or expensive but in better colours...
A quick search shows any number of different ones eg. Amazon:
although the original Hicraft type which I have used a couple of for many years seem to be in short supply everywhere.

A good design one allows it to be used to walk the dog too, so no fiddly swapping harness or collar when it comes to getting out of the car.
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