Ross Kemp: The Afghanistan Collection (Boxset) [DVD] - £13.99 @ Choices

Ross Kemp: The Afghanistan Collection (Boxset) [DVD] - £13.99 @ Choices

Found 1st Dec 2011
Cheapest price around, most other places selling for £22. This is a pre-order and is released on 16 Jan 2012. 6 disc boxset and has 22 ‘5’ star reviews on Amazon.

Since 2007 Ross Kemp has been making some of the most powerful television about British soldiers’ serving in Afghanistan on Britain’s frontline. His documentaries are unmissable. Candid and brutally honest they are the first on UK television to show what our troops are going through to win peace in this war-torn land during the toughest years of the campaign so far. Here we bring together both of Ross' series on Afghanistan.
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Please change that picture!!! oO
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Is it true they film this in Glasgow

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Is it true they film this in Glasgow


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You can say what you like about him, but least he has been over there and seen first hand what it is like. Having previously spent a few months there on op's, every credit to the fella.
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i see iran is next, sky news is covering it today. we have no money in uk or us so why not start another war to make money for the corporations, makes sense i must say. i say lets give iran democracy as they are not in debt, just like iraq & libya. this has got nothing to do with muslim countries or there colour, its unfortunate they dont have democracy so this is the only we provide for world.
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