'Ross's' Pickled Onions - 440g jar - 15p @ B&M

'Ross's' Pickled Onions - 440g jar - 15p @ B&M

Found 13th Dec 2013
Best before: 13.02.14

15p for a 440g jar, 220g drained weight.

Brand is 'Ross's'

Seen today in my Blackburn store so still available! Ignore end date below.
- cjabingham


Sweet, these last about 2 days in my house perfect for xmas and general snacking.

Saw these yesterday in my local b&m

Love this bargain! Heat OP

Damn, I missed these when I went in today!

They're not mine....

Excellent timing Ross!

I hate pickled onions but it's quite a good deal

i love pickled onion face. great for gurning ... mmm

I get pickled . great find

Last time I bought these ross pickled onions they were soft and had no crunch.
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