Rotary Aquaspeed Exclusive Men's Chronograph Strap Watch  WAS £179 NOW £89.50 @ HSamuel + Quidco

Rotary Aquaspeed Exclusive Men's Chronograph Strap Watch WAS £179 NOW £89.50 @ HSamuel + Quidco

Found 4th May 2010Made hot 28th May 2010
Rotary Aquaspeed Exclusive Men's Chronograph Strap Watch


This exclusive Rotary Aquaspeed men's chronograph watch is exclusive to H.Samuel. Featuring a brown leather strap, tachymeter, chronograph, total waterproofing and Rotary lifetime guarantee.

Case material
Stainless steel
Face colour
Face diameter
5 cm
Face shape
Watch feature
Watch feature
Chronometer rated
Watch feature
Chronometer rated
Strap colour
Strap material

* Exclusive to H.Samuel


Any good?


I,m tempted.Any views anyone?

Nice, must look good on my wrist!

hudds town;8525489

I,m tempted.Any views anyone?

If you like the style I don't see why anyone shouldn't get this for this price. I think the full retail is exagerated although this may be difficult to prove as they appear to be the sole retailer for this exact model. You may also wish to consider the Chronospeed models that, for example, Argos sell, some are very similar to the Exclusive Aquaspeeds.…htm or cheaper if you look around
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I own the Chronospeed above from a previous HUK deal at Argos and it's a nice watch.

Thanks for the advice Countfilth.
Might hang on and get a Tissot prc 200.

hudds town;8533291

Thanks for the advice Countfilth.Might hang on and get a Tissot prc 200.

I have heard there are some convincing fakes of these going about, you can tell as they have a "date" dial at the bottom instead of the correct. seconds dial Be careful depending who you buy from.

Many thanks Countfilth will purchase carefully (probably after payday!!)

The argos one looks very tempting at £55...i believe this is a £100+ saving on the original RRP

Good brand, Good price :thumbsup:

Probably no longer in production so selling them off at cost . It's a bargain if you like it .

When you click on the link it goes to

Seems a bit dodgy so got through your OWN quidco and search for the product on the selected website.

Apologies if i'm wrong

I had the cheaper Argos version but had to return it after 6 Months as the leather strap irritated my wrist. I've never had a problem with leather straps in the past so I don't know why it effected me in this way. Anyway its a nice looking watch so heat added

Can't beleive they're still trying to claim this is half price! I tried on this exact model of watch in JULY last year, and it was precisely the same deal then. I walk past the same shop every day and apart from one month (March this year) when it was advertised at full price, it's ALWAYS been "half price".

The reason I look out for it is beacuse it's a very nice watch and would love to buy it but I struggle to convince myself that spending more than £50 is worth it for something that just tells you the time.

So to sum up. Very nice watch. Big and weighty. Nice strap. And probably worth the money.

But not half price. Think DFS!!!

is it only me who thinks this watch looks absolutely awful!!!!
get yourself a seiko if youre after a good quality reliable watch at a decent price

Now £179.00 - EXPIRED
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