Rotary Gents Chronograph watch £47.47 @ Argos

Rotary Gents Chronograph watch £47.47 @ Argos

Found 25th Nov 2010Made hot 26th Nov 2010
seen this for under £50, apparently half price, and a great watch IMO


They tend to look like imitation Breitlings these days, but are still very well made watches.

Nice enuff - 50 quid is a more realistic price for this than a ton. Standard chinese fare - don't be taken in by the 'Swiss Heritage' - but comparable to say Accurist etc. Not where I would put my own cash but the deal isn't bad so heat from me.

good watch at this price, gets fantastic reviews.

I've reserved every one in the London area.. Bidding on the reservation code starts at £5

reserved (in central London) cheers

Picked up mine today, watch looks quite nice in real life...
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