Rotastak Dreamland Housing - half price - £14.99 delivered @ Amazon

Rotastak Dreamland Housing - half price - £14.99 delivered @ Amazon

Found 15th Nov 2010
Looks good for the money. Ideal for any little one getting a hamster or the like for Xmas. Pink Fantasy Themed Unit - Includes the "Fairy Carriage" Carry Case Add On.
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better than the other one that was posted the other day but still cruel

better than the other one that was posted the other day but still cruel

If i was a hamster i would think it was quite cool:p
Good price if you or your hamster is all 'girly'.

For the 'ruffneck' hammys, go for the Rotastak Creepy Castle V2 it's bada$$! Just over double the price but well over double the space.

Google for best price.
Wrong Mod is posting this deal I demmand a rethink.
that castle one would take some cleaning
I bought this yesterday for £5 more!

It already been dispatched so can't cancel.

Im going call up and see if they refund the difference or I will will return it,and re-order now.
Ok,I called up,they can't refund £5 but they said refuse the delivery of the 1 on the way,meanwhile I will re-order again now.
I have this one

It's fab

The Pink one is ideal for my friends girl though so I shall pass it on, thanks OP.
I second the fact that these can be an absolute **** to clean.

Probably better investing in a larger and easier to manage estate for your rodent buddies. And if you have to buy a novelty cage to hold your child's interest, they shouldn't have a pet yet...
The cage in the OP isn't really big enough for a Syrian hamster, you'll need more space.

If anyone is thinking of getting a hamster, PLEASE get one from a rescue rather than pets at home or similar.
I have to agree. One, they are hardwork to clean and two a Syrian hamster needs a LOT more space......
I agree this is only ideal for a small hamster, it's hard work cleaning, and also not very secure...we ended up having to glue the end on the wheel to stop it coming off, and to stop thesecond hamster the first one that escapped met a dreadful end with our cats :-(.
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