ROTH DBT001 Gloss White Portable DAB+/FM/Bluetooth Radio @ Richer Sounds £29.95 Delivered

ROTH DBT001 Gloss White Portable DAB+/FM/Bluetooth Radio @ Richer Sounds £29.95 Delivered

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DAB & FM Radio with Bluetooth for listening to your tunes from your phone / mp3 player

Cheapest anywhere, next lowest price is £59.99 @ Superfi

Delivered for free 3-5 days, or get it in a Richer Sounds Store

Having looked at the instructions, it also is a clock radio alarm and has a usb port on the back to charge devices from, such as your phone.


Great find, thanks OP

been looking for something like this for kids for xmas. best i could find was something on ebay for about 35/40 quid... and looked homemade

thank op

voted hot

This is a great deal but I was in an audio shop in London recently and they told me a new version of the DBT-001 had just been released but it looks the same! Couldn't see anything mentioned on the Roth website.

Bought this yesterday in store, not opened yet so can't comment but gotta be better than the £20 supermarket own brand dab radio I nearly bought. Thanks to OP for posting.

I bought this from Richer Sounds just before Christmas at this price. Bought online, and had free delivery, which arrived a few hours later the next morning with regular text and email delivery updates. I guess they have just run out of stock at the main warehouse to offer online delivery now.

I know everyone raves over their customer service, but I've never used them before and was really impressed.

Only thing stopping me posting this on HUKD the other week was so the Wife didn't see how much I paid for her present.

BTW... it's a cracking little radio, has AUX in and bluetooth so you can just use it as a speaker, and has USB charger port at the back too. Would definitely recommend!

I don't think anything about Roth as a company being British with the look of the products that they actually sell really seem any better than most supermarket OEM stuff from the likes of Sainsbury with 'Red' and Tesco with 'Technika' etc.

There again I have not had any first hand experience with sound of their products, appearances may be deceptive.

looks like it is in-store only OP

The owner of Roth is the brother of one of my old school teachers. When my teacher's son was born, this chap named the Roth 'Oli' range after him. There's a sweet little story for you

This'll be a great buy. I have the one up with stereo speakers and really impressed with it, might get one of these for the bathroom. Excellent find lots of heat from me.

Need to adjust title - this item is not available for delivery.

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Excellent quality unit, only issue is the brightness of the display - even on lowest setting it lights up the entire bedroom at night - makes it pretty useless as a bedside unit etc. (I just keep the display off)

Does anyone know if the bluetooth works from the unit to a phone rather than phone to unit?

Hardly portable as it's mains only I believe.
Still good price though so Heat from me.

unexpire still available!
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