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Posted 31 August 2022

Route One Sale + Extra 15% Discount (£30 Min spend) - Skateboards From £33.70 - EG: RO Tie Dye £33.70 Delivered With Code @ Route One

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Always worth a check when there's a code knocking around that sits on top of the sales. I've focussed on the complete set ups here, as they are well priced, especially for beginners. Below there are a few examples, although the offer does cover more areas.

I did try the code on items just under £30 and adding this bolt to take it over the threshold - Sadly it didn't work, but worth a try in case you have more luck.

Code is for today only - EXTRA15

Example complete boards:


Tips for beginners: From the Braille Skateboarding team on YouTube (Worth a follow / sub)

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    Thanks for this.
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    Thanks so much for this! My 11 yo beginner son wants to spend £150 on his first board which i told him is insane. So this will be perfect!!
    Yup, seriously no point lol. My first board was a very cheap South Park board back then and it was £20 for the full setup. This was like 20 years ago and it did the job. Then when I could do stuff I bought better boards but you still don't need to spend much.
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    Good find

    These are great budget skateboards.
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    Ken - I’m a 36 year old, 101kg man; used to skate from 14 to 19ish. just got my daughter her first skateboard and she wants me to get one to join her. Reckon one of these would hold my weight? Lol. Looking forward to getting back on!
    Should be fine, to be honest. A couple of internet friends weight a little more and haven't had an issue. I'm about 87kg at the moment, but was a bit more when I started back. I've yet to snap a board, but have been limited on time too. I ollie around and land pretty heavy footed sometimes, but still all in one piece.

    If you're anything like myself, you'll know what to do with your feet and have to wait for your body and brain to re-engage with it all again. Pretty frustrating when you can spin a trick perfectly and your brain goes "Yeah, but are you sure about this landing?"

    Pretty much any of them will be decent enough for getting back into the swing of things. I bought upgrade parts to put away for when I was ready, which was a nice goal. Took about 9 months before upgrading anything.
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    I’m a bit too old to skate anymore but I spent a lot of my youth learning tricks so I bought a few decks to join the old ones hanging on walls in my new house. A nice little throwback to a time in my life where it didn’t hurt to bend down…!