Rovio £192.99 @ Firebox

Rovio £192.99 @ Firebox

Found 12th Dec 2009
please watch the video before voting cold its expensive but 1 of the coolest gadgets ive seen in a long time.
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Cheaper ]here priced @ £189.99 however, IMO i think its a useless gadget and a waste of money. But each to their own, and if you want to buy one. Go for it!

I did watch the video, but I'm afraid this rather expensive gadget would be just a one minute wonder. Seriously, why would you want one? What exactly would you use it for?

and if you steer it outside wi-fi range then its game over ;-)

i would see much more potential for a robot with sim-slot. You put a card in with unlimited web and there we go. spying without wi-fi limits. how about that

Love it! But for the price there are other things I need more....:-(

Fantastic gadget but a complete waste of money - perhaps one for the bored bankers? :-)

Lovethe wheel innovation and the fact that you "can catch your neighbour banging your wife from the comfort of your paris hotel". You can even look eye to eye apparently! lol

Certainly a gadget to look at if/when the price drops to £70
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