Rovio Robotic Mobile Webcam £125 from Amazon! Wi-fi etc...!!!

Rovio Robotic Mobile Webcam £125 from Amazon! Wi-fi etc...!!!

Found 9th Feb 2010
First post on here so hope all works...

This robot webcam can be controlled remotely over the web - looks really cool, check out the manufacturers website and watch their video!…vio

Great for chasing the cat around the house while you're at work!

The next cheapest I've found this is £150.

There's a review:…tml


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was soooo tempted!!! Just watched youtube, someone is saying the max time is 30 min's and the webcam is cheap version.....

I think is a total pile of garbage and would recommend against getting it - I'd been looking into getting one because I had a dog with kidney failure who wasn't doing well and I wanted to monitor him from work. The more I looked into it I decided against it, however a friend got one at Christmas and sent it back a couple of weeks later.

The camera quality is poor despite needing to be pretty good to work with indoor lighting, it was difficult to make out what it was actually seeing. There's an LED headlight but the power is so poor it can only see something when it's right in front of it. Only Internet explorer is properly supported (other browsers can only slideshow the incoming video) and even that was problematic with an activex control that refused to install properly.

The self recharge feature seemed pretty useless as well, you need beacons if you want Rovio to be able to return home from another room but even with it sitting right in front of the recharge station and only needing to go about three inches backwards, it still couldn't get into the dock itself. It was a bit of a facepalm moment watching it 'humping' the dock by repeatedly trying to drive forwards into the side of the dock (rather then backwards into the middle). A couple of times it just froze up entirely and stopped responding to pings.

It's a nice idea but it seemed so poor in numerous different areas that it was useless for its intended purpose. This one was upgraded to the latest firmware incidentally.


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Well I'm taking a punt with it, price seems good and hey if it's as flawed as John says, at least Amazon are pretty reasonable about returns :-)

You're supposed to vote the deal and all, but the reviews and user experience of this product seem to be truly awful. Wowwee are still updating the firmware but it's not getting that much better - it still can't dock, the lights are dim, the software buggy. It's much cheaper than usual though, and Amazon are easier to return to than other retailers.

I've not voted though.

Ordered one, came on here, saw someone had posted it, read the posts about it and then cancelled it.
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