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Rowenta Essential Air Purifier 230 m³/h 50w 'New Other' £29.99 @ homeofbrands / eBay

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Breathe cleaner and easier in minutes with the Pure Air Essential Air Purifier by Rowenta. With a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 230 m³/h, this home air purifier can clean air in 10m² rooms in just 8 minutes. The purifier has a 3-level filtration, pre-filter, active carbon and Allergy+ filters, trapping up to 99.9% of bacteria, pollen, mould and dust. Choose from 3 speeds and an 8 hour timer to suit your preferences; the low speed doubles as a silent mode, ideal for bedroom or home office use.
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  1. rav4cas's avatar
    Trouble with these is the replacement filter costs nearly as much as the unit.
    Catalin_Pascu's avatar
    It lasts 12 months, if I remember correctly
  2. fashric10's avatar
    Always check the power usage on these cheaper air purifiers, you may pay less now but with the price of energy being what it is you would be better off going for a more expensive model with much lower power usage, obviously this depends on how much you expect to use it.
    Curious-Infidel's avatar
    As per my smart plug

    Setting 1 (Low) = 16w
    Setting 2 (Medium) = 32w
    Setting 3 (High) = 56w
  3. rav4cas's avatar
    Last air purifier I bought I purchased three of them at the same time because the units with filters worked out cheaper than just buying the filter. No wonder there is so much landfill.
    BucketMan's avatar
    That's really dreadful. I'd read an article on hacker news, where someone had made themselves a DIY air filter, and monitored impurities in the air and what not, and in the end the conclusion was you may aswell just strap a good hepa filter to the back of an old school fan. (edited)
  4. Will_Evans's avatar
    I've got one and I needed new filters which cost £30.
    Just bought this so will but my old air purifier on marketplace
  5. Curious-Infidel's avatar
    I have 2 of these which I got from Amazon. 1 developed a fault shortly after a month or so. The fan will not spin on the level 1 setting and night setting. Level 2 & 3 work just fine. I've logged a service issue with Rowenta, slow in responding, but hopefully, they offer me a replacement unit.
  6. acerza89's avatar
    Can you not just buy some plants like aloe vera for air purifing?
    bargainbill's avatar
    I'm certainly not sold on the idea that air purifiers are all they are made out to be but please could you talk me through how an aloe vera plant is going to filter the air in a room?
  7. matys88's avatar
    This "Air Purifier" is pretty much useless. Broad description about air purifying tells you it does nothing. Nothing states there what it is filter efficiency.  Capture 99.9% bacteria another advert statistic which no one understand... We know about trillion different bacteria so ONLY 100000000 can go easily throughout this filter....(usualy the nastiest ones) If you want a good air purifier buy something at least with HEPA filter. Otherwise, in this price you got a simple fan with a paper/cotton bag at the front and that's it.
  8. R_Ali's avatar
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