Rowlinson Hideaway wooden two storey playhouse Tesco Direct £430 (normally £650)

Rowlinson Hideaway wooden two storey playhouse Tesco Direct £430 (normally £650)

Found 18th Jun 2014
I've been looking at wooden playhouses a lot recently. This was £590 in the last day or two, including a £60 voucher currently running until 1st July. (£60 off when spending £500 or more on garden sheds). Full price normally £650.
Today the price has dropped to £455, then there is an additional £25 off voucher reducing to £430. (£25 off when spending £250 or more on garden sheds)
No other retailer I've found comes close to this price, I was also looking at Sainsbury's for around £595 but that offer expires today (15% off RRP)
So basically this is an 8 ft by 6ft wooden playhouse, with internal mezzanine, and external 2ft deep verandah, so overall footprint is 8ft by 8ft.
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That's a LOT of money for little more than a 6x8 shed.

Buy a real shed for less than half the money and you'll have something usable when they get bored with it after a few days.
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I've saved up a deposit and as long as the base rate doesn't go up until next year, me and the family are plotting up in one of these soon.
Ordered one for son, he wants to move out
Good deal for an 8x6 playhouse with 2 floors. I recently bought the Mercia Snowdrop for £400 from Argos but that's 7x5. That's gone back up to nearly £500 again now. Heat.
Looks awesome. Bit of a cheek to call it 2 story though. It's just single story with a bunk bed!?
The "bunk bed", or mezzanine as I called it, looks like this photo; measures 6 ft by (I estimate) at least 2ft 6 wide. Agreed it's not the whole upstairs, but it's a reasonable space for the kids.
Wow hot deal
My total with delivery is £462.95. How do you get the price down to £430? sorry for my ignorance but cant see where to get the additional £25 off.
The £25 discount was added automatically at checkout, before I completed the purchase. (and I neglected to mention there is a £7.95 delivery charge).
I can't get it below £462.95 either. I'm right through to the screen where the only option now is to hit 'Pay Now".

Any ideas?
£25 discount NOT added automatically! !
you must've had your own e-coupon or used club card points. bit mis-leading OP
not misleading, I promise you there is a £25 off garden sheds and garden buildings. Look at if you dont believe me. and i pasted the image above from their site.

I suggest calling them up and ordering over the 'phone if the £25 is not deducted for you automatically. i looked around the tesco site for a code, there isnt one. when i ordered, it was reduced automatically.
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Items: 455.00
Delivery charges: 7.95

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Promotional savings
Subtotal 437.95

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Total paid for this order 420.95

Total Clubcard points 430

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no longer available, sale prices gone, that £25/£60 offer no longer being promoted on the tesco site.
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