Rowntrees Sweet Tubs 750g now £2 Tesco

Rowntrees Sweet Tubs 750g now £2 Tesco

Found 27th Dec 2016
750g Tubs of Rowntrees Tubs of fruit pastilles/ jellyfish/ random down from £5 to £2. Ideal for those fed up with chocolate. Plenty in store but going fast. spotted in Carrickfergus.
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also wigston Leicester £2
Bulls bridge Tesco also
also at Tesco Express Tottington
Dam I was in few hours ago and they still said £4
Got these from Helsby, a fair few left!
Picked up 3 tubs earlier today and sitting here eating the Jelly Tots.
Got 3 tubs earlier.....said reduced from £5.

Great buy for 750g
I got 2(_;)
3 tubs from the tesco metro macclesfield for me, about 6 tubs left.
Got a tub from Tesco Chesterfield. Yum.
Loads in the West Bromwich Tesco.
croydon george street 2 pounds
if got full price on just take them to get scanned anyway. u got nothing to lose
Loads in Tesco farnworth I picked 1 up earlier
Got one earlier, tesco's are doing well with their offers!
Confirmed quite a lot in warwick, picked one up and impressed they are not mainly packaging inside (i.e loads of those tiny bags) - 3 big bags of well over 200g each

Cheers OP
still loads left in Carrickfergus seem to have restocked
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