Rowntrees Tootie Frooties Or  Fruit Pastilles Red&Black 150G 60p @ Tesco

Rowntrees Tootie Frooties Or Fruit Pastilles Red&Black 150G 60p @ Tesco

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With their crunchy sugar shells on the outside and an intense burst of flavour on the inside, TOOTY FROOTIES pack a real fruity punch. Crunch and chew your way through five deliciously different flavours: strawberry, lemon, lime, orange and blackcurrant. In 1862, Henry Rowntree bought a simple cocoa works in the city of York and turned it into a confectionery company. Henry was joined in business in 1869 by his brother Joseph Rowntree who eventually took over and transformed the company's fortunes. The brothers hired French confectioner August Claude Gaget, and with his expertise, they developed the recipe for ROWNTREE'S Fruit Pastilles, which they launched in 1881. Following on from this, the confectionery company developed ROWNTREE'S Fruit Gums, JELLY TOTS and TOOTY FROOTIES. 2009 saw the launch of the newest edition to the family - ROWNTREE'S RANDOMS. Every bag of ROWNTREE'S RANDOMS contains a different combination of textures, shapes and fruity flavours. ROWNTREE'S pledge no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of their products.

Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Red&Black Pouch 150G
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This is serious heat from me, think I'm the only one in the family that likes these, they say "sharing is caring", well my saying when it comes to these is "I don't care to share"
Nice find Op... That's me sorted for the cinema this week. #HEAT
I love tooth frooties
HOT !!!!!
Thanks for the Rowntree's history lesson...!
Tooooootyyyyyyyyyyy frootieessssssss
Now suitable for vegetarians, tooty frooties
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