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Royal Asian Sweets £1 at Asda
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Royal Asian Sweets £1 at Asda

Posted 2nd Dec 2013
Rassogulla, Gulabjam, Kalajam, Gajar Halwa and Chum Chum all reduced from usual £3
Excludes Rassomalai

If it's the same ones online then they are 500g boxes (gajrela/ gajar halwa is 250g).
Cracking price at £2/kg

Sweet shops sell this stuff at minimum £7.50/kg cheapest round here in North West though I suspect its more fresh.
- loofer
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Chak de phatte !!

Hook me up with some chum chum

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Booooooooo boooooo boooo excludes rassmolai
To 'Hot' for me!!
Is this national?
Gulab jamun for a pound? I'd fill my fridge with them. Love that stuff but it needs a deep fat fryer to make and the tinned stuff is expensive.
Not online. Is this store specific?
More likely to be store specific in areas with large South Asian community.
Gutted! Could do with some right now.
hot, made some yesterday but for a quid would have save me the bother, hoping my asda have these in!
yes still £3 online.
Which store did u spot these?:)
I've no idea what they are, but I want to try them!!
Very sweet south Asian sweets, in syrup or milk.
bless my chuddies... sadly none in aberdeen
Fantastic offer to be honest, last time I bought Rasogulla it cost like £2.50 a pack or something. Delicious Asian sweets, give it a try if you haven't already !
damn - rasmalai isnt on offer - my fav!
which stores? leicester would be ideal
My mum makes these so much nicer than this packed stuff lol
Oh gosh...just when i'd started cutting back on sweet foods. I could happily sit and eat a bowl full of warm gulab jamun for dinner.
Had no idea supermarkets sold South Asian sweets... probably the least healthy things ever invented mind.
This was in Woking which usually sells these anyway. I asked and they said that The price was changed by Asda and not by the store so is probably in other stores too.
Only Chum Chum left Asda Thurmaston
seems to be nationwide , got for 1£ at Asda Barking
Quite annoying that my local has a Polish section, but no **** section.
Raided Bolton for some Chumchum, Rasgulla but managed to pick the last Gajar Halwa. Best before date is a month.
available at walsall asda picked up 6 packs BE WARNED THEY TASTED HORRIBLE and we gave them out to family and even they didnt like them!!! taste like rubber

the 250gram boxes are full of syrup so not to be compared with the shop stuff
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Ok so I live in west London.... you can't get more of an Asian area than that. Yet I know that the 3 Asda's within a 6 mile radius of me won't be doing this offer and if they do, they won't have any left in the chiller cabinets. had a craving for some (cheap as chips) mithai!
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