Royal Bank of Scotland - up to £100 cash for new student accounts

Royal Bank of Scotland - up to £100 cash for new student accounts

Found 2nd Sep 2006
Now offering £55 at branches in England and £100 for branches in Scotland for new customers to The Royal Bank of Scotland, who are 1st year undergraduates commencing their first Higher Education course, who open a Student Royalties account between 1 May and 31 October 2006 and who use it as their main Student account. Worth noting that this deal is backdated to May even though it has only recently been advertised. My son opened his account some weeks ago when the offer wasn't available, but has checked with his branch and is eligible. A much better deal than the various free Cd's and railcards available elsewhere and they offer a decent account with a good overdraft (others offer a higher maximum, but what you actually get depends upon your personal circumstances - RBS just gave the maximum with no problems). Good service too in our experience.
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[SIZE=2]So, the old principle of get 'em young, get 'em for life is still alive and kicking - good post tho' worth knowing.[/SIZE]
Just so members know, it's better to post this kind of thing as a "Tip" or a "Sale" rather than under the "product" submit a deal heading. That way there would not be 0.00 on the right hand side.

Thanks for the heads up though merlinthehappypig
Good find Thanks

As Emma says, please post this type of offer as a Hot Deal Tip...

Useful to note again this can be backdated to May also...
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