Royal Doulton Bowls, Plates & Mugs 60p each

Royal Doulton Bowls, Plates & Mugs 60p each

Found 12th Nov 2008
Fine white china pieces...

Lots more items available on there clearance outlet site...

Voucher code for 15% off RDNEW151TG
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Was gonna get a dozen of these but with £4.95 postage, is it good value?
Wow thats brilliant thanks for that!
R.R.P is only £2 - £2.50
Thats 75% off then isn't it? Hot
Very good deal, heated. Shame about postage being high though.
Smashing deals
Nice hunting there, take some heat and rep! :thumbsup:

I was gonna go for 8 of the low bowls and plates but as I don't really have the need I went for 6 of each (still not sure though!)

Found a 15% off discount code on MSE, credit to hesjane. Will add to post if that's OK and post it in Vouchers - you might want to add it using normal method though.

Total was brought down to £11.07 for 12 pieces incl. delivery. Cool! :-D
I would expect postage to be high, think how heavy these are. Good deal though, I doubt even Argos have dinner sets that work out this cheap.
IMO Royal Doulton far highter quality than Argos. But Argos great value sets

Doulton stuff will last years. Am looking for new Doulton set (breakages after 23 yrs)

But all sets seem to have cups and saucers which I just don't need. Mainly want just plates and bowls (8 of each). 60p per plate is brilliant but dont seem to have the smaller plates in the same range.

Great find
Wicked deal went for 8 of each, but not for the butter dish haha:w00t:
Cheers OP
I was tottering about on here and Royal Doulton about 2am (see post) and accidently ordered 6 of the 16cm plates, only realising that now in the cold light of day that they are tiny (silly me). I ordered and really like those 60p low bowls though, but want some dinner plates too.

E-mailed Royal Doulton and they cancelled the order for me - super quick (very good service) and I can still use the voucher.

So I just need to decide on some dinner plates from another range and hope they're not too much of a mis-match. Don't know if I should re-order the 16cm ones as small side plates. Need someone to make my mind up for me! lol.
They don't appear to do the dinner plates in that range, thats exactly what I want as well. Large and small plates
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