Royal Doulton Crystal Glasses, Vase & Bowl from £8.75 instore

Royal Doulton Crystal Glasses, Vase & Bowl from £8.75 instore

Found 5th Feb 2007
Tesco have been stocking some Royal Doulton Crystal products recently, and the one where I work (Wythenshawe) has got them reduced to silly low prices.

They have:-
Set of 6 champagne flutes (RRP £70), originally £35 instore, then £17.50, NOW £8.75
Crystal Vase (RRP £70), originally £35 instore, then £17.50, NOW £8.75
Large Crystal Bowl (RRP £100), originally £50 instore, then £25, NOW £12.50

They make great valentines gifts, especially the flutes with a bottle of bubbly!

I haven't got the images I'm afraid, but they're the standard cut crystal sort of patterns really. Neither too conservative or radical.

My store had quite a few in today, but I imagine they'll fly off at those prices.

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Tesco direct have them reduced too (dont think they are quite as cheap, but still many half price or less)…ton

Go through quidco for 3%
[LEFT]Royal Doulton Canterbury Flutes 6 Pack

[image missing]

Got to the second page and the price is from £8.75 onine too

cant see flutes at this price online! is this just in store for these
No flutes that price, but as original post vases too from £8.75
I need to pass on a massive vote of thanks to the OP for this ! :thumbsup:

We have a wedding coming up and they wanted Champagne Flutes. Scurried off to Tesco's directly after reading the post and just arrived home with a bootload of Royal Doulton !

Dorchester Champagne Flutes £11.25 for 6
Keswick Bud Vase £4.36 each
Keswick LG Vase £8.75 each
Keswick LG Fruit Bowl £8.75 each

Someone is going to be so so happy with their wedding gifts !

Thanks again to the OP :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Rep left.

ps. Whilst there noticed and picked up Fogarty Duvets at £4.24 each for doubles. They had King size as well which I think were 50p dearer. No singles that I saw.
Hi all,

Just an end of working day update...

The direct prices are more expensive than those instore at the moment. For reference, the vase and bowl I got are:-
Royal Doulton Keswick 25cm Vase - (8.75 instore, 17.50 online)

[image missing]

Royal Doulton Chelsea 32.5cm Shallow Bowl - (12.50 instore, 25.00 online)

[image missing]

Hope this helps clarify, looks like there's some great bargains around, thanks for the duvet pointer too hottoshop, rep returned!


Thanks Steve !
I really am very grateful to you for providing the first post.
A really great deal, it's what makes this such a great site.

Take care
I went back in store to look for the duvets - no luck there - but spotted some nice silver plated picture frames. I've added a separate 'deal' to keep things more logical.


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