Royal Doulton Signature gold 20 piece set - £23.99

Royal Doulton Signature gold 20 piece set - £23.99

Found 27th Oct 2007
Signature gold 20 piece set

Was £79.99 > Now £39.99 > Now £23.99

Item No.: 3320143004

Set includes 4 x 27cm dinner plate, 4 x 20cm dessert plate, 4 x 16cm breakfast bowl, 4 x tea cup and 4 x saucer

Bone china

Dishwasher safe

Delivery usually within 5 days

Voucher might be applicable to reduce above price!
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Nice wee find olavs I've attached the free delivery voucher (SHA1) to your post

Ooops just checked and it's saying....

Your request cannot be completed, as one or more of the products you wish … Your request cannot be completed, as one or more of the products you wish to purchase are not available in the quantity you requested.

So looks like it's out of stock...
thanks, that was a great offer + delivery code too - rep added for both. heat too for post. :santa:
hi guys,

thought i shd update everyone here, esp for future orders ...

i purchased the signature set (online said it was in stock and all was ok in email processing) and a couple other things, using the free delivery code that was posted. then got an email updating me that signature set was cancelled. called customer service, they said cant stop the other order (which would have been useless without the signature set). they told me to call a couple days later so they can try catch the courier company, which i did but item was already despatched.

then i got a call to say, btw they noticed the code was actually for gold card members - which i didn't know of course. i couldnt remember at that point where it was from as i have been doing a lot of online purchases recently anyway so i just said ok didn't know that. the guy suggested that it was from a website, and said that i should be careful using the codes as they could be denied even though already accepted online. he said this time he'll waive it esp when i said how is it i get different info everytime i spoke to a different customer service person.

ok so am not sure how that applies but this is the 2nd time i have purchased from debenhams and it does look like the right hand doesnt know what the left hand is doing esp in terms of getting orders status. the account that you create online does not have access to the order status either so customers will not be able to know when the delivery is (3-5 days depending on item so not useful).

if you do go through customer service it's an 08445 number so bear that in mind; even though they do answer the phone they are not particularly able to help much as the info is not exactly real-time.
You might want to try Royal Doulton…_GB
£18.75 plus delivery
There's also a discount voucher I think

As below that's £20.89 delivered...and SNAP kello o
:thumbsup: u people are da best. thanks for the links, will check the sale out. time to update the 7 year old ikea + odd bits
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