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Posted 4 January 2023

2KG Royal Mail Tracked 24 - £3.95 / Tracked 48 - £2.85 Same Price as 1st/ 2nd Class Small Parcel @ Royal Mail

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The difference between tracked24/ tracked 48 compare to small parcel 1/2 are they come with more details tracking and compensation 100 pounds instead of 20 pounds

*Promotional pricing available between 04:00 on 02.11.2022 and 23:59 on 31.01.2023 on Tracked 24 & Tracked 48 online postage only (non-account product). Promotion does not apply to Tracked 24 & Tracked 48 account postage.

Updates : you can drop off at the post office as well but you have to print your own label
Royal Mail More details at Royal Mail
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The 24 or 48 hours is aspirational, not guaranteed and you cannot claim anything for late delivery.

Free collection as well. But adds 24 hours to the (un)promised timescale.

Strike days also add to time taken.

It's been this price throughout the strikes.

The RM app on Android can be problematic, as can the website.

But overall (ie including insurance) RM works out cheaper and easier than every courier service.
Tracked 48 has an aim of 72 hours, not 48.

"Non Account Tracked 48 and Non Account Tracked 48 with Signature, we will aim but do not guarantee to deliver your Item within 2 - 3 Working Days"
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    Snail mail
    That's what I thought, but I've been struggling to squeeze a 2kg parcel onto an email attachment for the better part of a decade (edited)
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    Drop off is Delivery Office only or use the Free RM Collection Service.
    These cannot be dropped off at the Post Office.
    They've changed it now, so you can drop at PO, but have to print the label yourself

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    Just a word of caution you can't take tracked 48 (possibly also tracked 24) to the post office.

    You have to arrange collection or need to take it to RM depot.
    Yes you can now, they changed it. You just have to print the labels yourself.

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    Another example of how good Evri is. ebay item not received. Buyer refunded (you need refund proof for claim ). Claim made, item delivered during claim period, claim cancelled by Evri due to being delivered but post cost refund for delay. No response from buyer after request for payment of the item value only. Evri uninterested. Buyer receives free item. I lose the value of the item.49221651-qQXte.jpg
    If you ever have problems on eBay the best thing to do is ask the buyer to go through the proper ‘item not received’ route, and upload your tracking, even if it’s showing as oiutdtanding. This gives you another 7 days or so. Eventually they can ‘escalate’ it and if the tracking shows still not delivered eBay will give them a refund. However if the item is then delivered within 30 days you can appeal it and eBay will then give you the money if the tracking shows delivered. Also if they leave you negative feedback regarding postage then you can get it removed as they protect sellers from issues ‘outside your control’ including postal issues - it should be automatic but if you have problems you can call their customer services and they will sort remove it. There are hoops to jump through but if you do it the right way and via eBay’s packlink service then you’re fairly well protected. I always use EVRI and maybe have a 3% ‘issue’ rate (lost/damaged). But buying via packlink I have never had a claim refused. As soon as an item isn’t delivered within 7 days I proactively raise a lost item ticket.
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    I'm growing tired of Royal Mail, but Evri have lost the last 3 parcels I've sent in a row, so i don't want to use them either. What other option is there in a similar price range that is worth using?
    Evri are the worst of the worst, they don't have drivers to deliver at some delivery centers. The parcels pile up and they simply tell you they lost it. No customer complaints channel, no telephone number, no Twitter handle but only BOTs when you try to get answers.

    There are so many comments on Twitter, Trustpilot and even LinkedIn. Their CEO is hiding under a desk not responding to emails or calls to his resignation on LinkedIn. A local MP wrote a letter to him demanding answers and it was posted on Twitter in December. That question was asked in Parliament as well.

    This company is knowingly duping customers with valuable parcels not to mention their Next Day delivery charges. Evri must be shut down, such is the state of affairs. (edited)
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    Good price in comparison to other services, but it has been this price a while (at least 2 months I’ve been using it) and has been posted here before

    You also can’t drop at a post office it’s delivery office only, often which are open very short hours midweek only
    You can drop off at a post office now, but you have to print the labels yourself.49222163-q4W0a.jpg
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    Sorry but there are other carriers won’t send anything Royal Mail at present they must be seeing a lot of damage being done to there business
    So the strike is working
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    Still waiting for items I sent on the 9th December using this to be delivered... Even Evri managed to deliver within 5 days the week of Christmas. (edited)
    Saying that Evri has one of my parcels since 28th December just sitting at a hub somewhere - hasn't moved in 6 days?
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    I didnt remember when is the last time I was in the post office with my parcel... Overpriced delivery services, only use royalmail for sending cards or letters (which i dont have to go to post office for buying any kind of stamps etc).
    One more thing that put me off is people serving behind the counters. Seems like they dont want to help. For eg, always long ques, only one person serving, when its your turn with your prepaid label on the parcel for click and drop they always find excuse to get more out of you or try squeeze your parcel or letter into some sort of things. Even the letter should not touch their height passing through that letter thing which they try, some more weird demads like show us postage certificate on the paper not on the phone, etc.
    Only very few postoffice which were very genuine, because they are not very busy.

    Honestly i dont have time to wait and waste, then they make you feel like you had selected wrong postage and pay extras.
    If you thinking to do click and collect from home, then someone has to wait at home for whole day to hand over the letter or parcel.

    From my personal experience i want hassle free postal service.
    Two things you got to remember firstly post office counters are a separate business to royal mail and secondly most post offices are not even run by post office counters there run by what ever shop they in
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    Used this service last 3-4 months no problem at the
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    I think the only thing they are successfully doing is doing themselves out of a job when companies and people no longer use them. Wish there was an alternative letter carrier then I would just not use these clowns at all.
    Well, nobody wants to deliver letters, not even Royal Mail. The government tried to help a competing delivery company called Whistl backed by Lloyds Bank (government taxpayer owned) and even that failed. Royal Mail put up the price of a 1st class stamp over 10% in 2022 and told staff they are now a parcels business with a declining letter service.
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    This how good Evri is..

    I had a parcel sit with Evri for two weeks and then it just vanished. Never received it and the tracking number no longer works. Had to contact the original seller to get another one sent out which did turn up eventually.
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    Dropped off 7 parcels yesterday, on tracking page all 7 where incorrectly scanned as collected at customer service point, instead of received, already had eBay buyer complaining they where in all day and not received parcel, nothing corrected as yet after complaint.

    Also from previous experience, 24 took as long as 48 to be delivered and postman rarely shows up if you arrange collection, so can only take to local RM delivery office, which is out of the way.

    The prices are cheap because their service has really gone downhill the last few months. (edited)
    Are you sure that's what the tracking was indicating? Some of the RM Tracked statuses are a little confusing, especially in relation to items being 'received' and 'collected', etc. Often they are referring to the items being received or collected by an element of RM (and therefore en route) rather than being received/collected by the customer.
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    I sent 300 packages late november via first class signed for and only about 10% have been delivered, don't bother and use a different company.. even Evri! I can't believe i'm saying this!
    I'can't believe ur saying that either, real parcels..boxes or letter post? and what do over 250 parcels not delivered tracking say on the website, where are they? (edited)
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    I used this in December before the strikes, and they lost 3 out of 4 parcels collected at the sale time. You also don't get compensation for delays using this service. During December, my parcels were taking 19 days to be delivered, using tracked 24.
    Quicker normal second class
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    I have been using this for a month now, they'll even pick up for free
    I thought free Click & Drop ended on the 31st December. Still seems to be free - just checked!

    ("Click & Drop" allows you to buy your label online and book pick up by your postman - you can get the postie to print your label or do it yourself - "Bring My Label" - think that's still free as well).49223338-kqRG5.jpgMust admit I've had very little disruption to my Royal Mail / Parcelforce items - give or take an extra couple of days to arrive, which I'd expect around Xmas anyway. One parcel was delivered to a different GPS location and marked as "delivered" / not carded, so that one's being investigated!
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    i tried the service three times and had no good experience. first time, i used it to send something to an address in NI, it took more than a week to arrive and the tracking (even now) stops at the "Received Northern Ireland MC", but luckly it was delivered. second time, i booked for a home collection and waited at home all day and no postie showed up, later received an email from royal mail asking me to book another collection on the next working day (after the weekend), so void the label and went to the post office instead. thrid time, i decided to give it another try by dropping it off at the post office myself, then found out only the "customer service point" (normally at a delivery office) would collect it, you can't drop any 24/48 mail at a normal post office counter, so cancelled it and never use it again. (edited)
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    The royal mail isn't perfect but it still the only company that delivers to 32 million address ever day. Now I buy a lot of stuff online and I still find royal mail to be the best delivery company some of the problem I had with other companies include them delivering to random neighbours even when I'm in and not saying which one parcel left out in the rain or delivery driver suddenly not being able to find my address and one drive having a go at me because they had to wait for me to get to the intercom to let them in. None of which are problems I've ever had with royal mail
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    I'm tempted, but i would like to know if RM has cleared the backlog? Are they back on track? 
    Everything I've sent after the holidays has been getting there on time but I guess each area is different
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    I haven't lost anything so far but just experienced major delays or tracking not getting updated.
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    This link used to have a handy thing for finding what postage service to use. You select what size - weight - etc. Why did they get rid of that?..
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    Has the free collection from home carried on? I know there was talk of it ending at Christmas - speaking to our postie.
    Confirm its still going - used yesterday
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    Xmas card posted locally to me 1st Class on 13th December...arrived 28th.
    Item posted RM48 19th December delivered to me today 4th Jan.
    Really poor service atm
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    Waste service, used the 48 hour with collection and no one showed up on the day. Got email at 10pm at night due to issues they weren't able to come. Then I rearranged it for today, they sent email stating they knocked and no one answered. I was at home all day!! Had to go to local delivery office to drop it off. Therefore their collections service is just "Rubbish"! (edited)
    depends on ur local workers, if they can't be bothered they won't show up, probably ones who are striking.
    Mine turned up fine. (edited)
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    I tried to book a click and drop but there only seemed to be collection service . I just want to print off label and drop off at post office
    You have the option to remove free collection. "Remove from basket" is in red on next page. Easy to do.
    You will see in your basket: 2 items.
    Item 1 is the booking you made with Royal Mail to deliver your parcel.
    Item 2 is the collection with free label. Remove this from your basket. ( is in red: remove) (edited)
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    Damn, I have a parcel which I need shipping to Amazon but the length is 80cm but RM can only take up to parcel with max width 61cm. That's a shame.
    Express48 from Parcelforce (part of Royal Mail Group) is usually pretty good value if you can take your parcel to a nearby depot.
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    I wonder what the price will be for the Tracked 24 and 48 services from the 1st of February onwards?
    Only bc I plan to list some items on eBay at the weekend and I’m unsure how much to charge for postage. I guess, I could use the current Post Office rates to be safe.
    Or use yodel afterwards. Haven't found problem with them. 2.75 up to 1 kg.
    Or inpost. In 100 items, one was lost. Got a refund.
    You get a dekivery picture with them, as well .
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    Is that 24/48 days??
    If your one of the lucky ones
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    I no longer use Royal Mail for parcels, if they were another carrier for letters I'd not use them at all Half my post goes to somewhere else, it's frightening they can't be trusted with anything and they have the cheek to go on strike over pay and conditions !
    Engage brain John. The level of service is due to the pay and conditions. Posties are being asked to achieve the impossible in order to create endless perceived growth for stakeholders, rather than value or reliability for customers. Privatisation has destroyed a once great institution.
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    Royal mail are at present the worst service available. Still not sorted back logs from before December. It's almost criminal!
    i've not had any issues, all delivered and all received, but its not Royal Mail's fault is it, the strike days cause backlogs, that's just what happens..... (edited)
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    Are they even working? On strike every other day.
    No strike dates announced this year so far. Any future strike dates would need to be announced at least two weeks in advance.
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    The company is asset stripping and ripping off the public. Many Christmas cards have not arrived with me or to those I sent them. Parcels did not arrive, will not use while this boss is in place.
    Massive price rises, reduction in staff, not delivering post everyday and only favouring delivery of the most profitable parts of the business, 450million paid to shareholders in 2022 and now losing 1million a day. Sounds like privatisation is working very well indeed.
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    Royal Mail used to be the gold standard but not anymore. Overpriced, tracking that only tracks after delivery attempted, "Signed For" that is not, restricted opening hours, tracked items not accepted at all post offices, over zealous jobsworth staff.

    As far as I am concerned they are a letters only service. (edited)
    £2.85 48hours service not overpriced
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    Why is this deal hot? Don't matter how much it costs if it isn't delivered or massively delayed!
    I am regular eBay buyer and seller and using RM from long time, with my personal experience never had a incident where RM missed the package though they deliver little late but guaranteed, with Hermes/Evri had 3 incident where package got missed and sender had to claim insurance. So overall RM is the best and this deserves this deal hot
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    Don't trust these clowns, worst of the bunch
    Definetly,a town I once lived in, had to stop sending birthday cards years ago because they always got nicked in case anyone had put cash in
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    Not had any issues with 24hr postage i sent, only a select few times delay of 1 or 2 days, receiving retailers items took longer because they send 48hr. But this has been an ongoing deal and posted several times, not sure it needs posting?
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    Whilst the strikes have impacted the service, I continue to use Royal Mail for eBay. I've sent many parcels over the past couple of months and apart from the expected delay, all have arrived safely.
    As long as they offer free collection (ending 17.02.2023) and tracked at the same price as standard, I will continue to do so
    Same here. I send at least 30 parcels a week and only 1 has not turned up since the strikes started. And that wasn’t tracked, it was a standard parcel.
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    Boycott Royal Mail. They want to adapt but staff won’t let them. Strikes ruined Christmas for thousands and damaged small businesses. Use one of the many other delivery companies. Absolute shambles of an organisation.
    Thank the CWU
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    Good value on the surface of things. But my last Tracked 24 took a week to arrive.
    Subject to strikes
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    I sent a parcel on 26th November that still hasn’t arrived.  Its tracking shows it still at the local Post Office.
    I’ve been through claims and not even had an acknowledgement.
    Royal Mail aspire to be incompetent.
    What service did you use to send it?