Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute  Whisky , 1L £1599 Costco UK

Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute Whisky , 1L £1599 Costco UK

Found 26th Jan 2017
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Product Details

Since the creation of Royal Salute in 1953, only four men have had the expertise to become a Royal Salute Master Blender. Over the years, each set aside his finest whiskies as a legacy to pass to the next Master Blender. For the first time, these precious whiskies, passed down through four generations, have been brought together to create the ultimate blend. The 62 Gun Salute.

Named after the firing of 62 cannons, an exclusive privilege of the Tower of London, reserved only for the most special Royal anniversaries.

Packaged in an elegant midnight blue decanter created by Master Craftsmen at Dartington Crystal, each decanter is the result of over forty hours of care and attention. Each is carefully hand blown, painted and inlaid with 24 carat gold and individually numbered on the reverse of the bottle.

The 62 Gun Salute boasts aromas of sun-ripened plums combined with an essence of sherried sweetness. Notes of the finest dark chocolate on the palate with hints of warm spicy cinnamon and Seville oranges. The finish is a combination of a superb depth of nutty, oaky flavours, with a subtle sensation of smokiness.

Bottle Size: 1L
ABV: 43%
Country of Origin: Scotland

Country of Origin: Scotland
Brand: Royal Salute
Bottle Size: 1L
Product Type: Whisky
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Bargain... Thats valentines day sorted!
just the thing for those cold nights on the park bench! oO
My benefits this month should almost cover this, cheers.
I got the 21 for my wedding which was £80 there and £120 everywhere else. This isn't the most expensive whisky I've seen but I'm not sure the £4K bottle I saw was drinkable! Thing to remember is Costco sell some ridiculously expensive items so this is cheap I'm their price brackets!
Can only dream about buying this . . . but if was any way close to it this sort of offer could tip the balance, 20% off is a heck of a deal.

jackofail, drinks at your house next month and I'll bring my Johnnie Blue
carton costco also sell jw double black for about £22 , its about £40 in tesco , very smooth too
jacko do you know the item number for costco ?
Item # 169665
I best start saving
why do people post these stupid deals on this site
Great mixed with Dr Pepper.

why do people post these stupid deals on this site

It's about £400 cheaper than other sites. Are you missing the point of this site?
Good find, a saving is a saving lol. Anyways maybe a possible future investment??
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