Royal Wedding Top Trumps - £4.79 @ Play

Royal Wedding Top Trumps - £4.79 @ Play

Found 31st Mar 2011
For those patriotic romantic gamers out there, the perfect gift.Shall I compare thee to a summer's rose, or perhaps to Camilla the most delicate of flowers.

You get a whole day off for the big event, there is not a more delightful way to spend your precious time.

pip pip!

Don't forget Quidco!


lol, whatever next..

Popularity rating 1 vs. Popularity rating 1
Public interest 1 vs. Public interest 1

We could be here a while...:p

idontgedit? what are they putting on the cards?

Harrods Discount 99, Harrods Discount -1000
Fear of Tunnels 87, Fear of Tunnels 1
Ginger rating 3.5, Ginger rating 98

Oh My G!

not quite as good as the souvenir mug that was on BBC's something for the weekend last time around... had a nice photo of Harry wedding Kate on there instead of Wills, lol!

Pass me one of these

Queen Mother
G&T = 100
Gambling = 100
Music = 100

I guess she is not in the pack?

Top Trumps? lol

Why do we care about the wedding of this unemployed bloke and his bird anyway?

He's not unemployed. He saves live as RAF search and rescue pilot.

Prince Andrew wins on a couple ...

Amount of dodgy cash from Arabs
Number of sex offenders helped
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