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Free Trial - Kitten Food with Royal Canin
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Posted 27th Oct 2019Posted 27th Oct 2019
Free Trial - Kitten Food with Royal Canin
Three pouches of ROYAL CANIN® Kitten food posted to you A voucher for a FREE 400g bag of dry ROYAL CANIN® Kitten A voucher for £3/€3 off a pack of 12 ROYAL CANIN® Kitten pouches

Yes u are right Shocking really


Thanks my cat will love this.wonder if they do a puppy version too?


No nothing received yet


Me too deffo not


Absolutely shocking from them. Won’t be buying there products

Free 400g bag of Royal Canin Cat food @ Royal Canin
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Posted 24th Jan 2017Posted 24th Jan 2017
Free 400g bag of Royal Canin Cat food @ Royal Canin
Free 400g bag of Royal Canin Cat food. RRP £3-£4 Fill out your details and choose your local pet store from the list. The majority of pet stores should stock Royal Canin A barcod… Read more
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Got a message saying offer now closed


The Offer Has [b]now ended




I got three sent to my different email accounts and managed to get them all in one trip, the guys at my local were very friendly. Thank you very much :)


My local store asked me for ID & called the manager over to check it matched the name printed on the voucher....! I had also printed 3 other vouchers (using my other email addresses) for other stores and I had no bother at those redeeming them?

Free bag of Royal Canin dry cat food
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Posted 29th Nov 2016Posted 29th Nov 2016
Free bag of Royal Canin dry cat food
You can get a free bag of 400g Royal Canin with this link. Take voucher to local pet store. It is a new Royal Canin deal so it still works even if you have received a free bag befo… Read more

thanks linz2016 worth a try x


Take it up with Royal Canin and they will change the retailer for you. May also be worth taking it up with PAH customer service as they should have honoured current vouchers and then take themselves off the scheme with Royal Canin.


i got mine :D


Where from? Local independent retailer, Pets at Home etc? It'll be interesting to see what retailers are accepting them.


got mine today, thanks op

FREE Royal Canin cat food 400g
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Posted 31st Aug 2016Posted 31st Aug 2016
FREE Royal Canin cat food 400g
Grab a FREE 400g bag of Royal Canin cat food. There is a huge range of products to choose from, so you can choose one that’s perfect for your pet’s needs. Register with your detail… Read more

My voucher was refused, as they "were" moving (hadn't yet... I don't understand why the voucher doesn't work then). As the voucher can't be changed, I signed up (as another person - to get their voucher) and managed to get another voucher. No idea if it'll work, but it's for a different location so presume they'll be less rubbish and rude. Will update if it worked.


BAh! Managed to go to the store I'd selected... they're refusing it. Saying they're moving (round the corner... soon) so won't accept it for some reason. Can't see anywhere to contact Royal Canin about this. Fudge.


Me too appears to not be working now


I get to submit , unknown error 3501 ,so no voucher for me? does anyone else have that problem?


You should then get a page asking if you want to download & print pdf of voucher or get it emailed to you. Thanks, emi.

Royal Canin £5 off or FREE 400g bag
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Posted 17th Jun 2016Posted 17th Jun 2016
Royal Canin £5 off or FREE 400g bag
Register with Royal Canin and complete the 3 stage process on the link and you can choose either: £5 off a 3kg or larger bag of canine food OR Free - A 400g bag of feline food Y… Read more

Going to pick up for my kitten! thanks :)


worked fine for me for cat food at my local pets at home - thanks OP

Worked fine for cat food at my local pet shop (Ongar) thanks OP


:( Boo-Hoo "This offer is restricted to Dog owners"


When I click on the link I see a pic of a dog and a cat. I click on the dog one and it gets a tick then nothing.

Free Royal Canin cat food sample or voucher
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Posted 29th Sep 2015Posted 29th Sep 2015
Free Royal Canin cat food sample or voucher
Royal Canin is giving away free samples of their cat food. You can get a 400g sample or a £3 off discount voucher that you can use to purchase a 1.5kg or larger bag of cat food. Y… Read more
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Fantastic offer! I collected my free Royal CANIN cat biscuits about x2 weeks ago. My freebie is going to a OAP's cat as a Christmas pressie.


still working thanks from Mittens for posting


An irony of 'terms' here? .. Canine 'Dog', non-Canine 'Cat', or something ..... hahahaha lol. :-) Cooooool freebie by the way. :-)


Voucher received today thanks :3


Thanks :3

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Free Royal Canin Cat Sample 400g bag offer
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Posted 14th Nov 2014Posted 14th Nov 2014
Free Royal Canin Cat Sample 400g bag offer
Registration open from 31/08/2014 to 31/12/2014. Online registration via only. Requires internet access, use of a valid email address and re… Read more
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How can I order my free 400G bag of Cat food,advertised in the Belfast Telegraph, Weekend Magazine on Saturday 3rd Sept,2016 Thank-you.


Woohoo, thanks :)


Thankyou x


Yep, it allowed me to add my existing pet and be eligible for another voucher. Heat added!


Thanks for this, will be nice for the kitty cats and can collect from my local store as well which makes a nice change :3

free 400g bag of royal canin cat food via voucher
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Posted 19th Aug 2014Posted 19th Aug 2014
free 400g bag of royal canin cat food via voucher
get a free 400g of royal canin cat food from a vet or a retail shop via voucher sent by post just create a profile then select on the map what store or vet clinic you would like to… Read more

Offer now ended.


I got mine a few days ago and redeemed it successfully at Jollyes on Sunday. Thank you op.


New profile/email/ neighbour etc


Brilliant deal!


My local pet store refused to take my coupon because they said others had used the coupon and royal canin weren't refunding the price they wanted. :-(

Get a FREE Royal Canin 400g bag
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Posted 8th Jul 2014Posted 8th Jul 2014
Get a FREE Royal Canin 400g bag
Get a FREE Royal Canin 400g bag, it says cat food, so make your pussy very happy! A workaround from Chris_H below: "To overcome it, go to and creat… Read more
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There was another thread for Royal Canin free dog food which was took down because mods thought was spam.............. Don't be fooled - Royal Canin offer these vouchers on a regular basis and got in this mornings post 3 x free vouchers for 2kg dog food which retails at local pet store at £13 each - that's £40 saved. Don't be afraid to post these deals.


Picked my free bag up today and the petshop gave me a voucher for £3 off my next bag so double score :)


same worked for me


eBay baby!


Please tell me where you got a worm plush from! :)

Free (400g) bag of Royal Canin cat food
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Posted 6th May 2014Posted 6th May 2014
Free (400g) bag of Royal Canin cat food
See physical voucher on Post #41 Advertised on the up coming London Pet Show website. Registration open from 16/04/2014 – 16/05/2014 only. Online registration via www.royalca… Read more

Got 56 vouchers and at £4.30 per bag I am well happy.


Got mine, tried to use but my chosen pet shop is not doing Royal Canin 400g bags :/ I got something else instead, but I don't get why they participate :/


Mine came today and my ex got his as well. Been to the pet shop and picked up my free bag :)


Not received mine yet.


Voucher thru today![image missing]

Free 400g cat food @ Royal Canin (collection from chosen retailer needed)
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Posted 30th Oct 2013Posted 30th Oct 2013
Free 400g cat food @ Royal Canin (collection from chosen retailer needed)
Login or create new account. There are tons of retailers across UK to choose from. ---Please dont abuse this is only for cat!--- Complete the form to receive your voucher for a … Read more





Don't think you need a valid email for this


Got my voucher!! :3 Applying for another one


thanks very much

Free 400g Bag of Royal Canin catfood from Garden and Leisure
Posted 2nd Sep 2013Posted 2nd Sep 2013
Free 400g Bag of Royal Canin catfood from Garden and Leisure
Sign in to the Royal Canin page and choose which store you want to use the voucher at and you can then exchange it for any of the 400g bags in the feline range. Stores in: Coleshi… Read more

Sadly not near me, **HOT** anyway, as it's a good freebie! :-)


yeah, I realised that afterwards. I thought people would probably know if they had a G&L store nearby (nobody lists all the Grainger Stores, or Costco or any of the others) annoyingly they're not regional, so couldn't simply put "SE only" or similar. But, helpfully amended :)


I don't understand the cold votes at all. So many store-specific deals go hot on here, and particularly in the freebies section there are always cinema screenings in just one place or a single giveaway stand somewhere. At least this is 7 stores and not one. Unfortunately none are near to me, but those 400g bags are normally just under £4 and it's real quality food, so it's a pretty decent freebie for anyone who can take advantage of it.


well im 3 miles away from one.....heat.......


voted after i added all my details i found the nearest redemption option was over 100 miles away... AND I LIVE IN LONDON :(

£5 off Royal Canin feline or canine ranges - 1.5kg or above
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Posted 22nd Dec 2012Posted 22nd Dec 2012
£5 off Royal Canin feline or canine ranges - 1.5kg or above
Set up a new account and receive the £5 discount. These ranges are normally £10-15, so a decent saving.

Nice find, my cat loves this stuff. Dobbies normally sell for around £13 for a 2kg bag. Heat added.

Free 400g of Royal Canin Feline (voucher redemption)
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Posted 10th Feb 2012Posted 10th Feb 2012
Free 400g of Royal Canin Feline (voucher redemption)
Voucher e-mailed to redeem at your local stockist

Thank you for this info, I have been reading more and more about why dry food is not so good for my beloved cat. She is on a dry prescription diet for Urinary Tract problems because the vet recommended it. I am now definately going to make the transition, Thank you again.


Do you also feel that way about cigarettes?


To those who are ignorant about biology: ignorance does not transform your cat's digestive tract. Try some facts. Here are a few: Cats are carnivores. Even the wet foods rarely have over 4% meat in them. Not hard to see why so many domestic cats eventually go down with kidney problems, dental abscesses, diabetes, etc. It's better to feed wet than dry, but way, way better to feed raw if your cat will go for it. Some are too habituated to processed foods, unfortunately. Plenty of tips about raw feeding online, though.


If dry food was that dangerous it wouldnt be sold.


I concur... seems that our 'friend' likes preaching to all us other uneducated masses. Clearly believes that his/her point of view is the only valid one hence the ranting in numerous posts regarding free dry cat food. If you don't want free dry cat food, why comment. move on. I feed my 4 rescued cats with high quality dry and wet. They are all in tip top shape and the dry food helps keep their teeth in excellent shape - a fact of using dry food which can improve their quality of life in later years. Now I do not for one minute think that what I feed my kitties is right for everyone else, and others have a right to their own opinion. But why (whatsthepoint) ram your viewpoint down other peoples throat. get off your pedestal and get a life. Clearly you have nothing better to do with your time than preach your ill informed opinions to others.

Royal Canin 400g trial bag of catfood
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Posted 24th Nov 2010Posted 24th Nov 2010
Royal Canin 400g trial bag of catfood
Royal Canin offer tailored diets designed to meet the specific needs of male and female cats from birth to the more mature lifestage. To celebrate Royal Canin Week Of The Cat, we'r… Read more
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Nope, doesn't work . . . repeatedly asks for a required field when all fields are completed!


very slow website !


Ordered thank you


just picked mine up thanks


Cheers guys. I look forward to the email!

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