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Free The Hut Group returns (Zavvi, The Hut, My Geek Box, Pop in a Box, IWOOT)
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
You will need to raise a return request to get a returns authorisation number, but this gives free Royal Mail returns.

I guess so, but I could upload numerous photos of damaged items over the past few months. Not surprisingly, I get plenty of requests to review my Zavvi purchases, but never for any of the damaged items.


Different experiences for different people i suppose but i never have any damage. Got a statue delivered yesterday it was perfect.


Remember the Vita error? They had no problems getting them back free of charge.


Would be good if you could actually return anything to Zavvi, been trying to return something for the last 3 days, back and forward emails which have so far resulted in them giving me a returns label but then saying they couldn't give me a current returns address as they were having some issues. What's that all about?!



Royal Mail Door-to-Door Junk mail Opt-Out, Free!
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Royal Mail's Door-to-Door Opt-Out is a free service that will stop unsolicited, unaddressed mail delivered by the postman. Signing up to the scheme is the single most effective mea… Read more
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Thanks I've used this before 👌👌👌


That would be different because I would of send to a specific person or address. No just a pile of adverts with no addressee


ok, so if you send a parcel or a letter, would you be happy for the postman to decide if its junk? of course not. like I said, the customer is the person sending the item, the recipient is the adressee, the postman is just delivering a service.


Yeah they are. Royal Mail hire my postman who delivers junk mail with no address on it. They get paid to do this its their job.


they are nothing to do with royal mail. Royal mail are simply a courier and postal service. they dont print these. companys print and pay royal mail to deliver them. if the postman refused to deliver them, then that is classed as theft as someone has paid for the item to be delivered and he would lose his job. if you really want them gone, go after the source

David Bowie, Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones Stamps Reduced at Royal Mail e.g Harry Potter™ Limited Edition Souvenir Art Collection £13.70 del
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Just noticed RM are running a sale on their stamp sets including Bowie, Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Beatrix Potter and others. Make nice gifts, especially when framed.

Anybody received these yet? I have had no dispatch email etc


Like these.


A great souvenir for my daughter, many thanks Polar1 :)

Free Santa Letter Reply from The Royal Mail
Found 31st OctFound 31st Oct
A cute little freebie for the kids (and some adults (flirt) ): "Letters to Santa should be stamped and addressed to: Santa/Father Christmas, Santa's Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 … Read more
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I use the word "belm"!!!!!!


Yolks & belm - a lost language.


Glad you found my post helpful. p.s. someone already has posted the NSPCC letter: (y)


I don't want to take your thunder, but I'd highly encourage you to post this deal again. It's leaps and bounds better than this royal mail letter. You don't HAVE to donate if you're skint, and anything you do donate goes to charity. I know before they even arrive that my girls will be thrilled with these. Thanks for sharing.


I posted the below when this 'deal' was posted back in September by someone else, I hope it helps some people: Unless they've improved things I wouldn't bother wasting a stamp on this. Two years ago it was a really poor, non-personalised response that nearly ruined the magic of Christmas for my two girls. They both wrote their own letters to Royal Santa Mail and got exactly the same generic response and the letter didn't even have their names at the top, just something like 'Dear Child' and was covered with inappropriate Royal Mail branding (see below example). In fact the only thing personalised about the letter was the envelope it came in! (In the terms and conditions they also can't even guarantee they'll be able to respond to every child!) The following year we used the NSPCC letter and it was in a different league. You could choose from 8 different designs and personalise the contents of the letter. Yes it took a bit more effort than the Royal Mail one but resulted in two very happy children. NSPCC Santa letter

Harry Potter™ Presentation Pack with 15 Special Stamps pre-order
from Royal Mail delivered for £12.20 on 16/10/18
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
The stamps feature portraits of the much-loved characters, including Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and his sister Ginny, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom and Severes Snape, as well… Read more
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This as a whole has already been posted, not the idividual stamps/books etc


Hot thanks:D


Anyone know what size the presentation pack is? I'm considering getting this and something to store it in.


Thanks. That's another Xmas gift in the bag for a huge Harry potter fan


If you mean the Dumbledore and Voldemort stamps, they are reissues of set from 2011.

Harry Potter Stamps available to pre-order at Royal mail e.g Harry Potter™ Miniature Sheet from £3.35 / £4.80 delivered
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
I just come across the Harry Potter stamps ready to pre-order. My little one is quite a big fan so decided to get a pack of stamps. Once we get them we'll probably put a letter wee… Read more
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You have to pay postage! £1.45 for two sets.


Isn’t it because you get the collectors book? Was just looking at ordering


Lol thank you. Nice presentation, but as you say not the best value at £2.50. I couldn't find it so was intrigued. Thanks for the link


Love these ones with UV light that has been used to illuminate the stamps to sprinkle a little extra magic.


No idea, I just provided a link she was asking for ;)

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Royal Mail certificate of posting - Free reference number to track eBay items
LocalLocalFound 27th MarFound 27th Mar
I found out recently that Royal Mail provide a unique reference number when you request for free certificate of posting for small items. This reference number will be provided for … Read more
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Does this work on items sent to Europe ? How do the Chinese sellers get proof of delivery to the UK ?


Hermes just throw your parcels round even when they are clearly marked that they are fragile. Has so many bad experiences with them and sure many others have too. Royal Mail might at least treat stuff better


As a seller on eBay I sent a parcel a couple of weeks ago. Buyer reported it as missing 7 days later. I checked the reference number and it stated no delivery attempted. Asked them to wait until the 10 working days mark and I would file a claim. 11 working days was monday. I sent them a copy of the invoice I received when i purchased the items and an invoice for the personalisation that had been done to the item, along with the eBay item number and the reference number from the proof of posting. I received a letter this morning with a cheque for 10.80, which was the item cost plus time plus postage. I did, however, post a replacement out to the buyer on Monday.


So this is available when buying the postage through ebay?


Some info on 2D barcodes. These are monitored. Royal Mail know how many are in the system and are due to be doorstep scanned that day. And the address they are going to. Everyday the manager of the delivery office gets a report from the day before of how many were scanned for each duty/walk. This is against the postman’s name on that day. If the postman continuously fails to scan 2D items they are spoken to and dealt with. The problem I’ve noticed is the post office. When they scan the code there end they then place the barcode label on the parcel so the postman can’t scan it either smudging the wet ink or creasing it. Royal Mail tracked are scanned as they enter the delivery office. They have to go that day even if the postman forgets one or it gets miss sorted. In our office if the customer isn’t in we don’t put a card through we take them back and a driver will go around about 6pm and attempt a second delivery. 95% get delivered that day. And every office is under pressure to hit 95%. Standard Recorded delivery are not tracked but get a signature on the doorstep. Most of the time no one is in and they get a card pushed through. Special deliveries we guard with our life losing one of these can result in the sack. These can’t even go to a neighbour even if the neighbour offers.

Royal mail 1st class stamps going up 2p, buy 12 (£8.04) to save 24p - before 26th March
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Royal mail 1st class stamps going up 2p, buy 12 (£8.04) to save 24p - before 26th March
Save 24p by buying your book of 12x 1st class stamps now rather than after 25th March. Top savings also to be had on 2nd class stamps.
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(lol) (lol) (lol) so I am sad for not sending birthday cards through the post? (lol) (lol) (lol) You are a bit special aren't you


Nope. Never sold anything on ebay and if I sell on fb groups that specialize in what I am selling it's collection only


erm, I think I should know if I have ever sent a letter. And trust me I have NEVER once in my life sent one. I can think of better lies to make up than sending a letter hahaha


Never sent a birthday card in my life


These days you can send a letter to any corner of the World without spending a penny. It's called e-mailing :D

Royal mail special delivery Saturday guaranteed online order cheaper than post office @ royal mail
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
Right guys, found this out a few months ago. If you go in to a post office on a Friday and ask to send a parcel special delivery Saturday guaranteed it would cost you £10.74 to se… Read more
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Wow, you can't have much faith in any version of reality. Don't ever watch or read the news will you? You'll end up thinking you're in the Truman Show or the Matrix or something.


​I had the same jumping through hoops for a lost item. Sent the claim off for compensation to Royal Mail, in Plymouth I think, and after several weeks no reply. Called was told they hadn't received it and it must have been lost in the post!!!


No I know you made it up because of what you said.


Maybe, but I've tried to expire it but it was then unexpired, go figure, I love all the helpful comments though.


After all this the point is this is not a deal as this is the standard price for next day delivery! :p :p

Game of Thrones Stamps / collections Pre-Order - Items from 30p (£1.45 p&p) @ Royal Mail - A Stamp Collection is coming...
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Game of Thrones Stamps / collections Pre-Order - Items from 30p (£1.45 p&p) @ Royal Mail - A Stamp Collection is coming...
I love these! Already got a load of Bowie & Star Wars ones, and being a huge GoT fan, I'm going for a few bits. I always grab the envelopes anyway. A few items below, but there… Read more

I've only just seen this comment and I have to say... I am 100% impressed with it! Haha!


I drink and I stamp things


Hodor, Hodor, Hodor





Free Royal Mail Letter from Santa / RNIB Letter From Santa for blind and partially sighted children
Found 16th Oct 2017Found 16th Oct 2017
Free Royal Mail Letter from Santa / RNIB Letter From Santa for blind and partially sighted children
Royal Mail Letter Christmas is coming It's and we know you want to make sure that your letter to Santa Claus gets to him. Please remember, as Santa says: get your letter posted by… Read more

It is worth underlining that the RNIB Letter from Santa is for Blind and Partially Sighted children as the OP stated. Alternative media (e.g. braille) is provided - quite different to the offer from Royal Mail. I am sure that donations to Sooty would be very welcome to support this amazing offer.


To be fair.... it's not. You have to buy a stamp for each letter. Like I said my comment was just a heads up, but I think you're missing the point. I didn't say it wasn't good value for money, just a not a very good concept that spoilt the magic of Christmas for my daughters somewhat. To not even put their name at the top of the letter when they can manage to do it on the envelope is pretty poor.


Get it now before the strike


To be fair.... it’s free


Just a heads up - the Royal Mail letter was very disappointing last year. Both my girls got exactly the same letter (card) with the same printed text and no personalisation, not even their name on it (except on the envelope!). I complained to their customer service who didn't seem to want to know, hopefully it has improved this year. Regardless, I am going to be trying the NSPCC one this time.

Pre-Order The New Star Wars Stamp collections / Envelope and more - Items start from 30p @ Royal Mail (£1.45 P&P)
LocalLocalFound 4th Sep 2017Found 4th Sep 2017
Pre-Order The New Star Wars Stamp collections / Envelope and more - Items start from 30p @ Royal Mail (£1.45 P&P)
I'm not really a stamp collector as such, but do love the classic ones. I already have the Bowie sets and the cartoon characters from back in the day. I didn't go for the last SW s… Read more

Are these for collectors or do they have any merit as an investment? Never bought collector editions of stamps but I've bought collector's coins from The Royal Mint and I've concluded they have no investment potential whatsoever. Are there any working discount codes?


Ordered a light sabre - DooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOO!


better off collecting something like this :


The film was poor, a pale copy of the original and very very PC but these stamps are very good and the presentation even better


Thanks OP! Love the lightsaber display set as it includes the 2015 and 2017 stamps! HOT! (highfive)

Royalmail Framed signed Red Rum Limited Edition of 150 Print and Stamp - £44.99 @ Royal Mail
Found 4th Aug 2017Found 4th Aug 2017
Royalmail Framed signed Red Rum Limited Edition of 150 Print and Stamp - £44.99 @ Royal Mail
First post but thought greatbuy for any horse lovers etc. This limited edition framed print features an enlargement of the Red Rum stamp together with an individually mounted stam… Read more

And for that price...... I'd want at leat one of his legs...............................and chips (cheeky)


So why is this a hot deal (it appears to be just the regular price)?


'Horse lovers'? Not sure if that's meant sarcastically or you're just naive.

Half Price Royal Mail Promo price for 2nd Class Medium Parcels, purchased online.
Found 10th Jul 2017Found 10th Jul 2017
Half Price Royal Mail Promo price for 2nd Class Medium Parcels, purchased online.
Between 17th July to 16th October you will be able to send a 2nd Class Medium Parcel online for £6.29* . This represents a saving of over 50% from the original price of £13.75 . … Read more

I attempted this and was refused because the postage price was 'wrong' when I took it to the post office. Clearly the guy wasn't aware of any promotion. Ultimately I had to request a refund and go and rebook with collect+ Rubbish!


Why does anyone use RM stuff goes missing or they slip a card through the letterbox saying your not in (and your sat in waiting) - collect it next day.


thanks royal mail is good for me better than hermes.


Duplicate post


agree complete rip off price vs Collect+

50% Off 2nd Class Medium Parcels £6.29 @ Royal Mail (17/07/17 to 16/10/17)
Found 10th Jul 2017Found 10th Jul 2017
50% Off 2nd Class Medium Parcels £6.29 @ Royal Mail (17/07/17 to 16/10/17)
Notification of price promotion for 2nd Class Medium Parcels, purchased online. Between 17th July to 16th October you will be able to send a 2nd Class Medium Parcel online for £6.… Read more

Well timed considering the £1 eBay listing just gone thanks


Yes the internet has indeed increased parcel delivery opportunities yet I rarely see parcel force or royal mail in my area delivering .Its the likes of doing bulk of the work and their market share is increasing day by day .just read above comments ,If you really think your business is increasing then it's YOU who needs educating .Royal mail has monopoly on letters otherwise they would be going out of business.Dont get me started on the RM small van driver ,I doubt any have picked up the highway code since a driving lesson. Unfortunately I need a CPC qualification to get behind the wheel of my vehicle ,shame it's not the same for small vans as well.


​go get educated...i know the business inside out...just look at there profits.speaks for itself.and no they didnt have 90% and 70% years back as they were a letter business mainly..with the rise of internet shopping has come the increase in for the driving.don't tar everyone with the same brush and yes if your data is showing below 85% they RM do question it.......just saying (lol)


Obviously not taking any notice of the data the device shows are they ,but someone at RM must of decided their drivers needed a device to stop them racing around residential areas .Keep telling yourselves the RM parcel service is top class and market share is increasing .Sure they may have 51% share ,5 years ago it was 70% 10 years 90% ,,,get the idea


As a business user of Royal Mail I can honestly say I have never used a worse service and that includes Hermes! They accept no responsibility for loss or damage. They have a signed for service which more often than not is delivered without any network scans or signature. I have around a 2% loss/miss delivery rate. Using parcel2go/parcel monkey you can send up to 25kg on a tracked next day delivery for around £5 so why would anyone pay more for an inferior service

4 New David Bowie Limited Prints Royal Mail £79.99
Found 28th Apr 2017Found 28th Apr 2017
4 New David Bowie Limited Prints Royal Mail £79.99
So not exactly a deal because they're full price but 4 Limited to 950 David Bowie stamp prints have been released. Live Ziggy Stardust Let's Dance Earthling Blackstar I haven… Read more
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I'm glad i don't collect stamps; I couldn't keep up with all the different ones that Royal Mail issue, least of all afford them!


The first ones are going for mega bucks on eBay, gutted I missed out


​I got Blackstar. I got Aladdin Sane in the last lot.


thanks, just ordered the Ziggy Tour



Royal Mail Free delivery confirmation on parcels £2.82 Click & Drop
Found 31st Mar 2017Found 31st Mar 2017
From 27th March if you use the online click and drop facility to buy royal mail postage then delivery confirmation on parcels comes as standard. (large letters are not included). T… Read more
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What's the chances of this being extended to large letters at any point? Surely the tech is there now, and they could up the price by say 5p to cover the cost of posties giving them a scan.


Anybody recently used this? Any good or bad experiences to share? Thanks


I signed up this week and sent my first parcel. Seems an elaborate website Dashboard which is great for inputting especially items a business would send out again and again but as far as the tracking facility and gaining proof it leaves alot to be desired. I took the precaution of queuing up at the Post Office to get a Proof of Posting. I will be nice if the Dashboard eventually updates with the info, but I'm not holding my breath! Doubt if I will use Click and Drop again, I'll stick to My Hermes


Yeah, quite uselessly this service isn't updated automatically. It would have been more useful to be able to look at a batch posting from the Dashboard to look for any items not delivered instead of having to manually look up and enter each barcode number into the track and trace website. Pretty useless really.


The only way I've found is to go to Royal Mail Tracking and stick in the code found above the QR Barcode on the printed label. It won't show anything until it is scanned at the destination though. It would be much handier if the dashboard showed it. Remember to get the certificate of posting stamped when you drop the parcel off (needed to make a claim against the Royal Mail).

Available to Pre-Order: David Bowie Special Stamps - £3.84 @ Royal Mail (£1.45 del under £5)
Found 25th Jan 2017Found 25th Jan 2017
Available to Pre-Order: David Bowie Special Stamps - £3.84 @ Royal Mail (£1.45 del under £5)
We’re thrilled to reveal the next instalment in our Music Giants Special Stamp series: a tribute to David Bowie, one of the most influential music and cultural figures of all time.… Read more

​the black star one is especially nice.


It's the framed stamp and print £79 each Ziggy Stardust Let’s Dance Earthling Blackstar


Which ones are they?


4 new ones are out now.


Thanks, love the look of these

Christmas letter royal mail (stamped addressed envelope required)
Found 16th Nov 2016Found 16th Nov 2016
Christmas letter royal mail (stamped addressed envelope required)
Send a free letter to address above to get a revert back great idea for kids It's really important you write Santa's address carefully on a stamped envelope, and that you include … Read more
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At Stratford mall they have arranged free postage too


​I put 4 in one envelope a few years ago, with 4 stamps so I wasn't being cheeky and only one child received a reply. Done it every year, sending 4 in total for the last 4 years and only had 4 replies on one occasion. Always feels slightly futile and they come back scattered thru December so I need to hide them til they all come incase one doesn't get a letter. I know it's free so I'm not expecting much but there aren't any guarantees. Think I may do the nspcc this year instead


We did this last year, Let your child write a letter (or a bit of art in our case) Then write the child's name & address on the letter, Pop it in a stamped envelope to the address above & post. It's 'free' in effect as your not paying for the reply letter but are paying the cost of a stamp/envelope. I put 2 in one envelope & both received replies.


Thanks haylhoo


I've added a link to the OP with info hth

Mr Men & Little Miss 10 1st class Stamps Set £6.40 @ Royal Mail
Found 21st Oct 2016Found 21st Oct 2016
Mr Men & Little Miss 10 1st class Stamps Set £6.40 @ Royal Mail
Celebrate the 45th anniversary of Mr Men Little Miss with 10 new Special Stamps, including Little Miss Sunshine. Ok not a deal as such as stamps work out the normal 64p each - but… Read more
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Did you even read what the poster said in their opening comment. Yes, it's not a deal but many people are taking advantage of it. I've been after these so heat added. Thank you OP.


I don't understand how this is a 'deal.' You're purchasing stamps at their normal value? Does anyone actually take the time to look at the stamp design other than collectors? Voted Cold


​They really won't take up much space.


How many people are getting Xmas cards with Mr Grumpy on??!


​yes there are in my local one