Royle Family: Complete Series 1/2/3: 3dvd only £14.99!!!

Royle Family: Complete Series 1/2/3: 3dvd only £14.99!!!

Found 17th Oct 2006
This is half the price I can see anywhere else! The Royle Family complete DVD collection is £14.99 including delivery from HMV. Grabbit while you can!

Details: Sit down, put your feet up, light a fag and join Britain's first family in their sitting room, for all three series of 'The Royle Family'!

'The Royle Family' is a real-life comedy set in a Manchester council house. Imagine a secret camera placed in the living room of an average working class family. The intense drama and emotions of everyday life, such as whose turn it is to go to the off-licence, is set against the continuous hum of the television. The rosy hue of their life is yellowed only by a nicotine haze


good spot ! This must be a re-release.

But ... now showing as £39.99 for me ... :-(


damn I saw it say 14.99 but hesitated then thought I will go for it now its 39.99:oops:


good spot ! This must be a re-release.But ... now showing as £39.99 for … good spot ! This must be a re-release.But ... now showing as £39.99 for me ... :-(

me too £39.99 :x

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Aw sugar, that was fast. Like I said in the OP - grabbit fast!!

unfortunatley hmv have recruited someone to read emma's posts!

[SIZE=2]This is back on at £14.99 !!! [/SIZE]
Code: [COLOR=red]AR6987[/COLOR] for 50p off.

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Thanks Sharon! I've clicked "not expired". There's a 50p off voucher floating around somewhere too, if you'd rather have 50p in your pocket than HMV's...


£39.99 My Ar**e, indeed. Good find Emma @ £14.99

Nice one! used student card to get 10% off @ checkout. £13.49 & 9% back from Quidco on its way

very good offer! have a look at some of the other tv box sets, some good reductions

Tonights screening was excellent.

Great, thanks! Another xmas pressi sorted!

Helen xxx

This boxset has been rereleased, I'm sure the new one is £14.99 elsewhere, however, with 9% quidco and 50p off this could the the best deal out there?


Great price for this emma :thumbsup:

£39.99 now...

Is this the episonde that aired yestersay?..


1 ep for £9.99!!

Yep, rush released and in the shops about 12 hours after broadcast...

57 minutes plus some outtakes and interviews. I saw it at £12.99 in WH Smith today.
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