RST Pro Series Leather Jacket + Thermal Wind Blocker £99.99 @ megamotorcyclestore

RST Pro Series Leather Jacket + Thermal Wind Blocker £99.99 @ megamotorcyclestore

Found 1st Dec 2014
I picked this leather motorbike jacket from the Bike show NEC in Birmingham from stool. I was amazed with it being only £100 for the jacket and the thermal layer. The jacket is incredible for the price, and it can still be found on some websites retailing for £249.99 its a bargain!! Im assuming as its more of a summer jacket its going cheap this side of christmas. Either way its a whole lot of jacket for the price, and would be rude to not snap it up whilst they are in stock. Other colours are available, i have the black and white and it looks great.


Top spot. If they'd have had my size I'd have been all over this like a rash. I currently have RST leathers & can vouch that they're excellent. Heat.

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They not got any in other colours in your size? Shame that. Yeah, i completely agree, RST leathers last a while, i have never seen such quality at this price! Bargain

Can`t find this jacket on their website. It is advertised but nowhere to find.
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I Can't find it either maybe sold out now at that price?

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Thats crazy! It appears they may have sold out since i put this on here.

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Still some other leather jackets half price on site. Still worth a look at the sales

Only RST leather jacket I can find on the site at £99 is the Interstate Jacket....... original deal looks to be expired.

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I think it may well have sold out as earlier, i looked at stock and there was plenty in all colours and sizes. People must have snapped them up when i posted this.

i also believe its finished. cracking find op, thats the third biker jacket i bought in the last month! damn u hukd!

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Did you manage to get one chiefton?

yes mate, just took me an hour to remember my hukd password. very first jacket was rst textile, and its still with me to this day. any idea how pertruding the hump on the back is?

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I can send you a photo via email of mine if that would help, if not i would suggest its no more than 5 - 6 cm. its not too big!

nah, its cool, was just a tad curious. cheers for the info and the deal.
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