Rubicon Mango Juice 4x1litre was £3.89 now only £2.89 at tesco

Rubicon Mango Juice 4x1litre was £3.89 now only £2.89 at tesco

Found 20th Jun 2008
Exotic juice drinks.

i thoght this was a good deal for 4 cartons 1 litre only £2.89 as these cost over a pound in most stores and there delicious too

Enter the exotic world of Rubicon and indulge in an unforgettable taste adventure. discover unique taste sensations from around the globe and dream of paradise.

A slice of the exotic.

Rubicon has specialised in making delicious juice drinks from exotic fruits for over 20 years. We always select the very best varieties of fruit which are nurtured, then carefully harvested to ensure the fragrant, luscious flavours are always maintained.

Drink chilled, over ice or try mixing your own cocktails, mocktails or smoothies.

Visit our web site at for recipe ideas to get you started.






Rubicon is available in five other sumptuous exotic flavours.

Not from concentrate.

Rich in Vitamin C.

Each 200ml serving provides 100% of the EC recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C. This pack contains approx 5 x 200ml servings.
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Good deal, i normally pay 99p each for these :thumbsup:
thats hot
Love this stuff!
is this juice ie 100% pure juice or has it been watered down? if this is a juice drink i think that should be in the title.
says juice drink on the carton

juice drinks are like 10% juice
rest sugar and water

enjoy the con of juice drinks
These are usually around the 20% concentration mark!!

IMO the best (highest concentration ) for the money I find to be the
Lidl preparations.
I find some of their juces too thick to drink neat & have to water them down!!

Having said that the Rubicon preps are nice & usally cost aabout £1.29 in
my area so 4 for less than £3 is a real bargain!!
i go to my local indian shop called Paks, umdah brand mango juice 2 x1 ltrs £1 thats all the time & it's delicious not watery more like a smoothie
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