Rubik's 360 @ £7.49

Rubik's 360 @ £7.49

Found 11th Nov 2010Made hot 11th Nov 2010
RRP £14.99 reduced to £7.49
Great idea for a Christmas present!

* Sphere-shaped puzzle from the makers of the Rubik’s Cube
* Flip, whirl and twirl six coloured balls into their matching coloured domes
* The balls can be locked in place allowing play to be paused
* Fun, compulsive and aesthetically pleasing
* Skill, dexterity, logic and perseverance are required to solve the Rubik’s 360


also same price at argos if you want to reserve and collect

hot from me ive just paid £10.38 for this from amazon - gutted

I got one of these from local tesco extra about 4 weeks ago for £2.50. They had quite a few in a large basket/bin near the entrance. Went back next day and were all gone!
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