Rubik's Race 2 Player Game now £6.19 del @ Amazon

Rubik's Race 2 Player Game now £6.19 del @ Amazon

Found 11th Aug 2012
rrp £19.99, excellent reviews,
The ultimate 2 player face to face race
Each player slides their tiles trying to recreate the Rubik's pattern
Who will be the first to drop the divider frame on their completed side of the board
2 Players
Age: 5+
You'll need to be quick thinking and nimble fingered to become the Rubik's Race champion. Your mum and dad probably hark on about how the Rubik's Cube was the ultimate toy back in the 1980s, but what do they know? Really it's all about the cube's cool cousin Rubik's Race . Shake up your tiles and whizz them back into place as quick as you can to beat your opponent. This fast-paced two-player game is great fun for all the family, but be warned - it's addictive! Rubik's Race is suitable for ages five and up.
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Thanks, just ordered to put away for christmas.
Ordered, thanks
gone up to £9.71 now. so glad i got 1 b4 price went up. still good price tho...£17.99 in argos........
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