Ruby & Millie Metallics Kit (Eye Shadow) £4.50! (Was £18.00)

Ruby & Millie Metallics Kit (Eye Shadow) £4.50! (Was £18.00)

Found 27th Oct 2008
Hi, I'm new

Ruby & Millie Metallics Kit
Product code 5181879

Ruby & Millie Metallics Kit includes liquid eye colours, a face hightlighter, shimmer powder and brush

This is £18.00 in store and on website but bought today for £4.50!! You can't use the £5.00 voucher (which is what I went to do originally) as it comes up as promotion. They have 'New' blue and white sticker on. A lovely stocking filler for girls.

ONLY IN STORE, as full price on website.

Also got Ruby & Millie Lip Pallet - couldn't find picture on Boots, but identical to this link.…086
which priced at £12.00 for £3.00.

Hope I have done all that ok.



Thanks for your tip. So how did you manage to get one at this price. I am sorry i did not understand the way to go ahead with this deal if its 18 pound sin store and on web as well.

Can you please be a bit more descriptive.

Many Thanks

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It scans at £4.50 and £3.00 for lip gloss. Don't know if it is a mistake or what.

I originally went to use my £5 voucher and it wouldn't work supervisor came over looked and said they were on offer. It had a 'new' sticker on. So I wondered what else was on offer got them to check the lip gloss which said £12.00 and the price of £3.00 came up. So bought that too.

Hope that is clear


thanks for the info.. will look out for it tomorrow

my local store doesnt stock ruby and millie which is a shame as i would have deffo called in for one of these

Hi I used £5 off voucher today in Buchanan galleries branch in Glasgow managed to pick up two sets before manager said no more would be put through as free ,assistant said he would probably change his mind later on hope this helps someone.

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I don't think this has expired - but I guess the only way to tell is when you try to purchase it.

Should I have put an expiry date on it for say 1 week, or was is best to leave with no expiry? :oops:


i dont know why this has expired !
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