Ruffles Crisps introductory offer, 150g bags only £1 @ Asda (In-store only)

Ruffles Crisps introductory offer, 150g bags only £1 @ Asda (In-store only)

LocalFound 22nd Feb 2012
Anyone who has been abroad and had these in places like Portugal or Spain you know what I'm talking when I say THEY'RE THE BEST CRISPS OF ALL TIME Y'ALL! Seriously though it's only taken Walkers like 15 years to start selling them here, so snap some up so they don't get discontinued.

Nationwide and the flavours my local ASDA had in were Original (Ready Salted), Cheese & Chive and I think the other one was Paprika.

Should also add this is for the 150g bag!
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Got the cheese and onion packet this evening. Wife went a bit nuts seeing them as they as they have been available in the states for years. Have to admit they are very tasty, even without dip.
Ah Fritolay.....not had them for years.Bag of them and a San Miguel.8)…tml

best crisps ever what flavours do they have? my favourite are sour cream & onion
Now bring out Fritos corn chips
bencotucker I used to have them here in the UK when I was a child loved them.
We buy these all the time in Orlando they are Yummy xx
mmmm cant wait usually fill the suitcase with these, they are the best crisps ever X)
:we buy these all the time in turkey they the dogs do dooos with a fresh so excited cant wait till get to ada 2morro yipeeee
They also sell cheesy cheeto puffs!!!! Found in the continental section rather than the snacks xx
Ruffles were originally launched in the UK in the early 1990s (there's one of the TV adverts on Youtube), I think it was shortly after Walkers were taken over by Pepsico, the same company that owns Lay's.
They were discontinued fairly quickly though.

Hopefully Walkers will bring back some of their other old products. I used to love Bitza Pizza, Say Cheese, and poppadom crisps.
Classic Walkers ads...


Bitza Pizza:

Say Cheese:

Poppadom crisps:…97Q
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