Rugrats Double Pack (PC) - Only £1.99 from Choices UK online - Save £9.00

Rugrats Double Pack (PC) - Only £1.99 from Choices UK online - Save £9.00

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Found 21st Feb 2009
Free delivery on orders over £25.00. My first post so if I have made a mistake please let me know.

The kids will love this.

Rugrats Go Wild Help Rescue The Rugrats! The Rugrats set sail on the vacation if a lifetime, but end up washed ashore on a jungle Island after a terrible storm hits! Make your way across unexplored territory filed treacherous paths, dangerous animals and "wild" puzzles to solve. You are the Rugrats' only hope! Rugrats All Growed Up Older And Bolder Tots to preteens and back again! Inspired by the Rugrats 10th Anniversary Special. the babies have been catapulted ten years into the future! Help them find the pieces of a time machine scattered around Dr. Spooky's castle. It's the only way they can return to their lives as the babies we all know and love!

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