Runtastic free upgrade to pro
Runtastic free upgrade to pro

Runtastic free upgrade to pro

For all those using Runtastic, the promo code APPOFTHEDAY is currently working on Android and I've just used it to upgrade to pro. Everyone else can download the app from Google Play then apply the code within settings.

Open the Runtastic app, go to Settings -> Runtastic -> "Enter Promotion Code" and enter "APPOFTHEDAY".
Now you can enjoy all PRO features for free!
- flintstone


I can't immediately see a place to apply this code in settings. Where exactly is it? On the web site? In the app? How long for?

where do you enter the code in to unlock the premium for free?

Don't work

I've been into settings and entered the promo code but it doesn't work

Have you seen the price of the training plans

In settings look for runtastic it's just below notifications then enter appoftheday

Looks like you've to pay a monthly subscription for this to work. I could be wrong

Did not work for me. If any one gets it to work please could they advise how?

If the code does work you'll get extra features but you use it properly you need to pay a monthly or yearly fee....

Personally I use Endomondo and it works out at £20.99 a year.
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Code invalid

works for me ... thanks

work for me

Just worked for me using exactly like it's posted on the OP


make sure there is no space after the code if you copy and paste it into the app
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