Rush For Berlin [PC DVD-ROM] from SoftUK - £2.99 + £1.49 P&P (+2% Free Fivers)
Rush For Berlin [PC DVD-ROM] from SoftUK - £2.99 + £1.49 P&P (+2% Free Fivers)

Rush For Berlin [PC DVD-ROM] from SoftUK - £2.99 + £1.49 P&P (+2% Free Fivers)

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SoftUK are selling "Rush For Berlin" for the PC for £2.99 + £1.49 P&P = £4.48

You can get cashback on this through certain sites (e.g. 2% Free Fivers, making it £4.39). You can also get £0.15 payback if you are a SoftUK Collector.
If you spend over £4.99 at SoftUK, you can use the code "Cheap Games" (without quotes) to get free delivery.

Thanks to Sin_of_nature for pointing out that there is a minimum spend required in order to use the voucher. Unfortunately that means that unless you buy something else atthe same time, this isn't as good a deal as when I first posted it. Most other places sell it for £5 or more.

This game has a Game Rankings score of 77%


Rush For Berlin is the latest game by Stormregion, developers of Codename: Panzers and S.W.I.N.E. This real-time strategy title will once more take you onto the European battlefields of the Second World War. 19441945: In a race for the German capital Berlin, you take command of American, British, French and Soviet Red Army forces. We are witnessing the final and complete defeat of the Third Reich and the end of the War in the European theater. As the player approaches Berlin, he is confronted with increasingly difficult challenges, with the defenders of the Fatherland becoming more numerous and desperate. In the German Campaign, you challenge the invaders in an alternate reality. What if the futuristic prototypes of German engineering had reached mass production? Once more, you can expect a strategy game of unparalleled optical opulence that will always focus on fun and intriguing gameplay. Tactical war-gaming brimming with new ideas!

Play a historical timeline or an alternate WWII reality. Time is running out, as forces Rush to capture Berlin.

Improved GEPARD® graphics engine: further developed graphics and game engine ensures top notch graphical, sound and video quality.

More than 100 units, including fictional ones.

Fully destructible buildings, graphical feedback on the landscape, structures and units on fire create a movie atmosphere.

The highly detailed damage model allows partial loss of functionality and various attack strategies.

Officers (heroes) are a special unit type. Their special abilities affect more units, thus are strategically powerful, but most of the time not mission critical.

Soldiers can enter buildings and indoor fire-fights are possible.

Air support and reinforcements can be deployed via specialist units.

Daytime, night-time, and weather effects all affect hearing and sight conditions creating new strategic possibilities


Does not allow the free delivery code when I try. Maybe only SoftUK collectors get free delivery?
Postage £1.49


Original Poster


Does not allow the free delivery code when I try.

Just tried it and it works for me. :? Did you type the code correctly (with capitalisation and a space between the two words and without the quotes)?

When you click 'complete order' button, the following appears:

"£1.49 Postage & Packing charge has been added to your order as the value of your order is £4.99 or less. Please increase your order value to over £4.99 to receive your affiliate free delivery"

Just means I'll need to add something else to make it over £4.99


Original Poster

Ah, I see what you mean. :-( Gah, I never realised there was a minimum order limit for that code. I'll update the OP.

Thanks for pointing that out - rep added.

Hot anyway! Looks good.


Yep, just add another £2 to the order and you'll be able to get free delivery, which is better than paying £1.50 for the delivery alone, you might as well get a dvd out of it or something.
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