Rush - Spirit Of Radio: Greatest Hits CD £2.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

Rush - Spirit Of Radio: Greatest Hits CD £2.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

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Found 22nd Jul 2009Made hot 23rd Jul 2009
Working Man
Fly By Night
2112 Medley
Closer To The Heart
The Spirit Of Radio
Tom Sawyer
Red Barchetta
New World Man
Distant Early Warning
The Big Money
Force Ten
Time Stand Still


The music of the universe: I have them all on my Zune

a great (& cheap) starter to anyone who wants to hear how music has been played properly for over 30 years :thumbsup:

God I'd forgotten about Rush!! Well worth £2.99 of ANYONE'S money!

Must dig out All The Worlds A Stage, great album, great band.

Heat added

Neil Peart, what a drummer ...

stunnig - great value - still rocking after all these years - hot hot hot!

B*gger, another compilation album (but for £2.99 you can't go wrong & the track list looks very nice) .

I have been a fan since they 1st came to the UK and have every album (except the compliations, for obvious reasons).
Great band, great sounds.

Here's hoping we get a brand new studio album some time soon. :thumbsup:


COLD - 1p cheaper on Amazon … COLD - 1p cheaper on Amazon MP3

Not that a lot of people would care or notice the difference but the quality of the CD is going to be higher than a 256kbps download.

(having said that 256kbps is not too bad and one of the better quality ones out there, it's certainly a hell of a lot better than the days of them trying to tell us 128kbps was 'CD quality')

Who but a madman would rather save 1 pence to own something not only of inferior quality but not have anything to show for it other than a stream of digital data? Even though MP3 downloads are cheaper, CDs have never been better value.:thinking:

As for this Rush compilation: it's actually pretty poor and far too highly represented by material from their later (crap) years. And yet - STILL fantastic value! (Rush went from being a truly unique and phemomenal outfit until around the 'Signals' album. It was soon downhill from there sadly...)
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